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Status: June 26, 2012 2:16 pm

After eight days of searching for the missing Joe of Oldenburg, they were found alive. The joy is great – but many questions remain unanswered. According to information from the NDR, the police have two theories.

One of the theses says that the mentally handicapped boy got to the sewage system through side entrances or pipes and could get lost there. The fact that he was able to open and close the cover of the hatch under which he was found on Saturday morning is excluded due to his heavy weight. The second theory, which the police have still not ruled out, is that there was a crime behind the disappearance of the child for several days.

Missing Joe: Robots are to search Oldenburg sewers

Police are investigating all directions, he said over the weekend. The search for traces around the sewage system has been going on since Saturday. Robots are now to be used to search underground sewers for clues, police said on Sunday. The pipes are sometimes so narrow that no adult can get through them, a spokesman said. On Saturday, officials were looking for other possible ground entrances to the sewage system. Investigators also examined a square shaft that probably wasn’t covered – very close to the hatch cover where Joe had been found.

The police want to question Joe in the next few days

It is unclear whether Joe, despite his mental retardation, can shed some light on this matter. The child is doing well in these circumstances, police said on Sunday. So far, investigators have not interviewed the eight-year-old who has shown no external injuries. It said that they wanted to give the child a rest and interrogate him in the coming days. Doctors also rely on the time factor: according to Children’s Hospital, Joe has to recover from the last few days of exercise.

Found Joe: Dad thanks people for their support

Joe’s parents visited him at the hospital on Saturday. A spokeswoman for a clinic in Oldenburg quoted Father Joe’s words: Joe is doing well under the circumstances. The father also thanks everyone who was looking for a child for their great help.

How long have Joe been missing in the sewers?

Among other things, it is not known how and when the boy could get into the sewage system – and how long Joe stayed there. It is also not clear why the dogs did not attack when they were looking for the boy. How Joe could get enough water is also unclear. Since he was found in a rain sewer he could at least have a drink, a police spokesman said.

The tracking dogs hit five kilometers away

The police are also reluctant to give information as they cannot rule out that someone has blocked Joe in the channel. Investigators have not yet given any details, such as the clothes Joe was wearing when he was found and what condition he was in. One of the open-ended aspects of the case is the question why Joe was allegedly seen by witnesses five kilometers away in the middle of the week near a mental hospital – and that was where tracking dogs were attacked.

Found just 200 meters from my parents’ house

Joe was found Saturday morning. At 6:22 a pedestrian heard a faint cry from a shaft at Kranichstrasse in the Donnerschwee district – only about 200 meters from Joe’s parents’ home, a police spokesman said. The man immediately called the police. A few minutes later the firefighters opened the hatch cover and found Joe in the hatch. The fire department and police released a boy who was not injured from the shaft. However, due to nighttime temperatures, it was “significantly hypothermic,” a spokesman said.

Search with helicopters, track dogs and drones

An extensive search for the mentally handicapped boy had been going on for many days. Police have already set up a homicide squad. In Oldenburg, many people searched on their own, in parallel and in agreement with the police, who were following various leads. She was looking for a boy with tracking dogs, helicopters and drones. Joe was last seen on June 17. As late as Thursday, a police spokesman described the assumption that a child might be intentionally hiding in the first few days as increasingly unlikely. Investigation against the unknown. Based on the testimony of the witness, there was a suspicion that the eight-year-old may have been a victim of a brutal crime. The police also did not rule out the accident.

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