Praise for a living community – Walldürn

Walldürn. Awards and reports are on the agenda of the annual general meeting of the settlers’ community “Settlers, homeowners and gardeners Walldürn in the home of the settlers. After being greeted by Chairman Roland Windisch, Deputy Mayor Fabian Berger said the Walldürn settler community was making a social contribution to the people of Walldürn that could not be overestimated.

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The settler community is a very lively community that offers its members a wide range of advice on home building, insurance, and gardening. He referred to the structural situation in the city of Walldürn, which tried to offer construction sites from scratch. Unfortunately, the use of an old building in the city center is less pleasant as many builders are concerned about the cost of refurbishing the old building and the heritage office’s specifications.

Protestant parish priest Karl Kress conveyed greetings to the Protestant parish of Walldürn and the Catholic Church of Walldürn. The situation of the population is characterized by high rents, almost no housing available, rising costs of living and reluctance to support each other. If you think back to the origins of a settler community, then it was exactly the opposite. We helped each other, we worked together and we were for each other.

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Then Roland Windisch and the second president of Silke Trunk honored the longtime members. In addition to the diploma and the badge of honor, each recipient received a gift in the form of wine.

The Silver Badge of Honor for 25 years of membership was awarded to: Jacky Bandow, Thomas Böhrer, Ellen Bundschuh, Dieter Enders, Erik Enders, Ute and Berno Geier, Marianne Klein, Barbara Köppen, Gerlinde Link, Regina and Siegfried Rösel, Regina Soden, Wernuser Strobel, Markus Thiry, Doris and Roland Windisch and Marco Zahn.

The Golden Badge of Honor with the number “40” for 40 years of membership was awarded to: Karl-Heinz Ackermann, Heidrun Beathalter, Karl-Friedrich Berberich, Karola Englert, Dieter Fach, Margrit Folhoffer, Lore Fritsch, Anna-Elisabeth Gerold, Herbert Heide, Gerlinde Heusler, Walter and Izolda Hirt, Dieter Münig, Siegfried Sauter, Peter Schäfer, Bernd Schmitt, Hans-Dieter Speth, Ruprecht Weckbach;

In subsequent activity and accountability reports, community leader Roland Windisch provided a brief overview of the community’s activities during the last year of the association’s existence for the first time. Due to Corona, the last annual general meeting was canceled and there was only one evening of honor for longtime members on a small scale and in accordance with Corona regulations.

The reopening of the regulars table and the women’s group meeting took place cautiously in the summer of 2021. In addition, with the support of the Association for the Protection of Biotopes, a hotel for insects was built, which will be inaugurated in the near future.

Thanks to the release of the corona virus, after two years in wonderful weather, the coffee afternoon could take place again, which attracted many visitors. He thanked everyone who was involved in the settlement community.

Auditors Josef Priwitzer and Hardy Frank confirmed the cash report presented by treasurer Bern Geier as flawless and error-free.

The head of the women’s group Silke Trunk then gave an overview of the activities of the past year. Considering all Corona measures, people met regularly for intimate gatherings, meditation and memory training, but also for cooking classes.

Among other things, they visited the retirement home in Höpfingen. A Santa Claus celebration and a carnival party were also organized.

When discussing the reports, the issue of the lack of information about the work in the association emerged. The president referred to the situation of Corona, but also noted that all activities will be announced via the supplement in the club booklet and in the press.

The dismissal of the treasurer and management, at the request of Josef Priwitzer, was then unanimously approved. for

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