The district of Uelzen enters into a partnership with “Wirtschaftsjunioren”

In order to be able to benefit from additional specialist knowledge in the future, especially in the area of ​​business support and start-ups for regional companies, the district is now expanding its network by collaborating with the “Wirtschaftsjunioren Lüneburg – Elbe- Heide-Region eV”. today in the District House of Uelzen by the staroste Dr. Heiko Blume, the head of business development “Uelzen aktiv” Jens Geißmann-Fuchs and the chairman of the junior business Heiko Kösling.

Poviat Staroste dr. Heiko Blume (right) and Heiko Kösling signing the partnership agreement in the presence of Jens Geißmann-Fuchs (from right), Heidi Narberhaus, team manager of the county’s economic development agency, and Tobias Siewert, managing director of “Wirtschaftsjunioren”

Poviat Staroste dr. Heiko Blume: “Our goal is to promote a startup culture in the district. We want to take advantage of Uelzen County by discovering, awakening and mobilizing regional resources with important players from administration, business, science and politics. The aim is to encourage the courage to start a company and to create the necessary framework conditions. The partnership agreement is therefore an important step to gain further momentum from entrepreneurs through closer cooperation with business juniors. “

Heiko Kösling highlighted the “enormous potential for a young economy” in the Uelzen district. “Away from big cities, there is a distinctive recreational, sports, local and cultural offer. The quality of life is high and we want to take advantage of development opportunities, ”says Kösling. The district very early focused on digitization of administration and a nationwide fiber-optic network. In this pioneering spirit, we can shape the rural areas of the future together.

The agreement signed yesterday is primarily aimed at strengthening the young economy in the region and promoting innovation. To this end, partners want to start a regular exchange on business-related topics, organize joint events, indicate partner events, and organize experts and contacts. Participants noted rural development, digital innovation, sustainable development and leadership as themes.

Jens Geissmann-Fuchs, Business Development Director “Uelzen aktiv”: “Wirtschaftsjunioren offers new, innovative thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit and a network of young managers. We will use these impulses for the successful future of the Uelzen district. We connect decision makers and use synergies. Our business development is a well-prepared partner for this. “

Wirtschaftsjunioren (WJ) Lüneburg – Elbe-Heide Region e. V

It is an association of young entrepreneurs and executives with more than 40 members (active and supporting members) from all areas of the economy in the counties of Harburg, Lüneburg, Uelzen and Lüchow-Dannenberg. WJ Lüneburg Elbe-Heide-Region belongs to the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland (WJD), which, with around 10,000 active members, forms the largest association of entrepreneurs and managers under the age of 40. Nationally, Wirtschaftsjunioren are responsible for around 300,000 jobs and 35,000 training positions, and their economic strength is over € 120 billion. The federal association WJD has been a member of more than 100 national associations “Junior Chamber International” (JCI) since 1958.


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