“The Voice” 2022: Interview with Stefanie Kloß

Stefanie, this is your fourth time in “The Voice of Germany”. Why is this program so important to you?

Stefanie Kloss: When you join the The Voice family, it’s always fun to come back. I am fascinated by the fact that this series never gets boring. Blind auditions are always exciting, inspiring and surprising. You can’t schedule it. For me, “The Voice of Germany” is still the largest and most important musical show in Germany.

In season 4, you were there for the first time. How has the show evolved since then?

My first season was really exciting for me. It was the first time I did anything outside of the band, although in a way we also do this project together. We sit together before the battles, put our heads together and think about who I could sing with, with whom or what songs to choose. So “The Voice” is still a Silbermond project somehow.

If you look at the show’s development, the first thing I think about is that the level is unbelievably high again this year.
You can always discover the talent of singers. The show has also evolved in terms of appearance, you can see it by watching the older show today. I also like that the constellation of coaches is different every season. I remember the anniversary season well, sitting in the double chair with Yvonne Catterfeld. A lot is tried on “The Voice”, and yet he did not lose the point, namely, that it is simply about talents that we do not see on our chairs, but only judged by their voice.

Do you miss Yvonne and the double chair?

The double chair with Yvonne was a great experience. It was a great time, but it wasn’t easy either. Yvonne is a solo artist and I am a singer in a band. During this time, we had to accept that we were a team, and better a duo. It was exciting to come up with a common thread for our team. But now I’m really looking forward to this season.

In the clip: Stefanie and Yvonne sing with Oliver Henrich

What do you think of your fellow coaches Mark, Rhe and Peter?

I’ve known Marek the longest. But I had to deal with Rea a lot. And Peter and I voiced the animals in the animated feature film. He voiced the lion, I gave the porcupine, very nice collaboration. I have always seen him as an artist who shaped the German musical landscape. I was curious to see how he would handle this show because this is the first time he’s been doing something like this. I think “The Voice of Germany” gained depth this year thanks to Peter Maffay. Takes the time to give his opinion. When he says something, he is always there for it. Finds the right words, always has the right tone. It may be a little quieter than us, but it should never be taken lightly.

How does this affect the harmony between coaches?

Mark and Rea don’t care if Peter is quiet or deep. They do their thing. They both sit in the outside chairs, their war of words raging over the heads of Peter and me. But I think Peter has a positive effect on Mark as well: Mark seems more serious with him, I think. Rhea has already worked with Peter. We all share the respect we have for one another. At the end of the day, everything is harmonious.

You are the mother of a son. Has the little dragon Tabaluga already moved in with you?

Actually! When I met Peter for an interview a few months ago, he gave me a little Tabaluga bag: very nicely packed together, a little jacket and a book, and a Tabaluga cuddly toy. Since then, I had to watch two little music videos by Tabaluga every night. We also started listening to a radio play. However, you should probably only hear this from the age of six as it has a certain creep factor. However, being a musician creating something like Tabaluga is something that will stay with Peter Maffay forever.

Talents come here because they dream that one day they will be where your coaches are. Do you advise them to have a plan B or is it wiser to go all out?

Plan A and B are also a matter of your situation. I was 14 when we met as a band. We signed our first record deal when we were 20 years old. It doesn’t go that smoothly for everyone. We are lucky. We said we are now all in, we are going to Berlin for a year and we will see if it works that way. Also, don’t forget that we were a band back then for about six or seven years. It didn’t happen overnight either, but it worked for us. It was different with Marek. He first studied before he really got into music like Rhea. So everyone has to find their own way. Having music as your main hobby is just as worth choosing as choosing music as your life goal.

What can and what can music do in times of crisis like it is now?

We’re all realistic enough to know that music is not going to change the world. Unfortunately, we will not be able to resolve the wars in this world with one song. What we can do is pay attention, comfort, be a gimmick, provoke thinking. Many of these little drops can create a big wave. A big wave of something that could move things in other directions in the future. You could feel it at the “Sound of Peace” at the Brandenburg Gate: When many people meet through music, it is a sign and a greater sign than silence.

The Voice of Germany 2022 can be watched from August 18 at 20:15 on ProSieben. Episode 2 the next day will air on SAT.1.

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