What moves Karlsruhe and what needs to be changed? SPD wants to “fight poverty and control housing shortage”

With six seats occupied, the SPD is the third largest parliamentary group in Karlsruhe city council. With 40-year-old Parsa Marvi, the SPD in Karlsruhe even has a member of the Bundestag in Berlin.

Climate change, construction sites and the company: What topics will Karlsruhe deal with in the next 10 years? What topics would the parliamentary group focus on in the future?

The SPD parliamentary group is committed to free education. For young families, we need local and tailored childcare. We must persistently pursue the digitization offensive in schools, and effective school social work must be further developed. Especially nowadays, it shows how important this support is.

We must continue to fight poverty – even in our rich city. Our city is getting hotter and extreme weather events will increase. We want to make local transport more attractive and more attractive in order to convince more people to our public transport. Improving bicycle paths is also a major problem for us. We will continue to work on adapting our green city to future climatic conditions.

With a EUR 9 ticket, you can use public transport for three months for a total of EUR 27.

Public transport should be made more attractive. | Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa

As a developing city, we need to develop concepts to deal with the housing shortage: for example, designating suitable areas, increasing the number of low-story buildings or accelerating the process of obtaining a building permit. Demographic change is a big challenge. We need to find up-to-date responses to changing demand for senior citizen amenities, nursing services, and low-threshold neighborhood support offerings.

A nurse holds a woman's hand in a nursing home.  The Bundestag presented concrete proposals to regulate the issue of ...

A nurse holds a woman’s hand in a nursing home. | Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / zb / dpa

Recruiting skilled workers is playing an increasingly important role and, as a public employer, we need to focus more on this. The city center of Karlsruhe has become more attractive with the completion of construction works on a combined solution. Now, concepts need to be developed on how the city center can be reorganized and made more attractive for Karlsruhe residents. The construction of the new building of the State Theater must be closely monitored by us, especially due to the development of costs. The parliamentary group of the SPD will also include to support the construction of a new indoor swimming pool in Neureut.

What else does your group want to achieve before the next local elections in 2024?

In this legislature, we are faced with the main task of fiscal consolidation, and at the same time with challenges such as the consequences of the crown pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which also affect us in Karlsruhe. The local government called us to save and take a slower approach to new investments. We will look at this process critically and see if savings are socially acceptable and if investments are fair to the generation. The greatest challenge for us as municipalities is climate change.

The girl is playing with colorful cups and blocks in the kindergarten.

SPD wants to “expand nurseries to meet the needs” | Photo: Uwe Anspach / dpa

We need good ideas on how, as the city of Karlsruhe, we can massively reduce CO2 emissions. We are intensively committed to expanding the Karlsruhe day care centers to meet the needs and to make placement more transparent and simpler by evaluating and revising the day care portal. The administration needs to be further digitized and able to offer citizens quick services. Of course, current offers cannot be replaced.

The revitalization of the city center is a very topical task. In our city center there must be a place for culture, youth, many restaurateurs and many others. The parliamentary group of the SPD is in favor of creating building rights for housing estates, for example in Nordstadt, as soon as possible.

Which of the goals you have already achieved are you particularly proud of?

Many families in Karlsruhe have used our sibling laws for a long time. In retrospect, our goal is free nurseries for which we have managed to earn a lot of money from households in recent years. We have also now managed to reduce the really high pay rises through increased city subsidies to all suppliers, and thus relieve parents in times of massively rising costs of living.

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The educator plays with the children in the nursery behind the run.

Even if we only had partial success with our proposal to waive the Karlsruhe master class fees, we were able to at least halve it. We accompanied, promoted and financially supported the digitization of not only the city administration, but also schools in Karlsruhe. We managed to enable the nationwide expansion of work with young people by reporting in the last budget consultations: finally we managed to fight for human and material resources for mountain villages.

We supported the restaurateurs in Karlsruhe by resigning from fees and generously enlarging the outdoor areas, and we managed to raise funds for the bustling downtown.

Opening of the Durlach campsite

Photo: Thomas Riedel

The campsite in Durlach has been opened after a long period of use. We have recently acquired the majority to improve the cycle path system. Now a “green wave” for cyclists is being turned on and service stations with repair kits and bicycle pumps are being built. We have managed to adapt local public transport to the changed situation in Karlsruhe thanks to a new network plan. and.

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We consistently strive to protect the climate, allocating all funds to the implementation of the climate protection concept. In addition, we have successfully campaigned for further energy refurbishments, the creation of appropriate offices and funds for the implementation of the heat action plan, which is being sought by the SPD parliamentary group.

What should now be better / faster implemented in Karlsruhe?

Construction sites in Karlsruhe need to be processed faster. However, the construction industry is facing serious problems as a lack of materials stops many processes. A quick renovation of the city-owned buildings would benefit not only the people who work or live there, but also the climate balance of the entire city. An obstacle to implementation is the tense financial situation. We need to better equip the staff of the citizen-centered services, ie the regulatory authorities, so that the people of Karlsruhe can get to these services more quickly.

Symbol images Karlsruhe Citizen's Office

Civic services should be better equipped. | Photo: Thomas Riedel

The further development and improvement of the local public transport offer is also a central task for the future of our city. Of course, these are just a few of the challenges that we need to address. As a parliamentary group of the SPD, we will continue to listen and be a point of contact for the inhabitants of our city.

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