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Good neighborhood and bustling neighborhoods in Hamburg: The Senate wants to reinvest money in this area this year. The urban development authority has now identified 21 projects to be funded totaling € 12.3 million.

The better you know your neighbors, the better the quality of life and the more stable social cohesion – Dorothee Stapelfeldt (SPD), Senator for Urban Development, is sure of that. Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) adds: Whether at the sports club or at neighborhood meetings, meeting places are important, especially after Corona.

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Especially projects in densely populated areas

This year, projects in densely populated areas have been particularly selected. The “Alten Eichen” neighborhood center in Stellingen is being expanded and the Clippo Boberg youth club is being rebuilt in Bergedorf. The meeting place of the “Vibrant Courtyards of Altona” on Augustenburger Straße is to be revitalized. With this money, Harburg City Park will build an island for inclusive movement and Rothenburgsort will support the planning of a new city center.

The largest single item in Meiendorf

And you want to see if you can create a meeting place in the former ASB halls in Rissen. Meiendorf receives the largest single item with a good 1.5 million euros for the design of the space for play and movement.

Urban development fund: These projects are financed
Design district Financing amount
Redesign of the outdoor facilities in the “Living Neighborhood” in Vierbergen horn EUR 1 182 500
Investment preparation measures for the district center Rothenburgsort Type of Rothenburg 420,000 euros
“Vibrant Courtyards of Altona” – revitalization of the inner courtyard as a meeting place (Augustenburger Straße) Altona north 357,500 euros
Development of a feasibility study for the meeting center in the former ASB rooms (hall 15) cracks 141,000 euros
Kaifu Showroom for Rissen – Renovation and redesign of the community home cracks 199,956 euros
Climate-Friendly Mobility in Heerbrook Iserbrook 660,000 euros
Redesign of the outdoor area and construction of a multi-movement zone in the Vörn Brook district Schnelsen 1,035,470 euros
Extension of the district center “Alten Eichen” Stellingen 768,023 euros
Renovation of the Eidelstedt playhouse Eidelstedt 95,000 euros
Revitalization of the playground and park in Johann-Wenth-Strasse Stellingen 135,170 euros
Exercise area and exercise room in the Masenredder district long-horned 700,000 euros
Neighborhood-specific mobility solutions in the growing Wesselyring district Winterhude 904,750 euros
Demolition / new construction of a multi-purpose hall at the Eberfhofstieg youth center long-horned 562 863 euros
Modernization and renovation of the youth center Bramfeld EUR 1,100,000
Growing Grunewaldstraße: Playgrounds and mobile solutions Rahlstedt 230,000 euros
Multi-movement zones and playground design in the Meiendorf district Rahlstedt 1,475,000 euros
Multi-movement areas and the creation of a neighborhood path in the developing Hegholt district Bramfeld 750,000 euros
Measures to protect the residential environment in the Elfsaal county that grows together Jenfeld 600,000 euros
Center of the landscape “Green Center” Lohbrügge (West) Lohbrugge 235,000 euros
New construction of the Clippo Boberg youth club Lohbrugge 622,000 euros
Including traffic island in Harburg city park Wilstorf 78,000 euros

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