Amber Heard hits again! He writes an embarrassing revealing book about Johnny Depp

Ena Rezi | 07/08/2022, 13:30

Amber Heard smiles in front of a courtroom with a policeman.

Photo: IMAGO / MediaPunch

Amber Heard just can’t stop! After losing in court with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actress is mired in debt. Recently, she was even seen shopping on the cheap TK-Maxx network. But now he has a cool idea: why not release the book and unpack it again?

Amber Heard, 36, is apparently in the middle of a bidding war for a new book. Apparently he wants to convey all the details of his allegedly violent marriage to Johnny Depp (58) – possibly including private stories from Depp’s bedroom.

A scandalous book can help an actress get back on her feet after an outrageously costly court case. In the US, unlike in Germany, you often get millions up front.

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