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Crown: Johnson he gladly refrained from wearing the mask

He caused outrage Boris Johnson also several times due to rough handling of Corona. He sometimes refrained from wearing the mask when visiting nurses at the clinic, sometimes he refrained from wearing the mask in the fall of 2021. The United Nations-Climate conference on this topic. Next to him were the UN Secretary General António Guterres and the 95-year-old naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

trouble with Paterson-Johnson trying to change the rules

In the fall of 2021, it turned out Johnson’s friend from the party Owen Paterson He did not declare to work part-time and thus breached Parliament’s lobbying rules. Johnson he stood behind him and just wanted to change the rules. But under pressure from public opinion, he resigned.

Evacuation from Kabul: animals instead of people

After the Taliban entered Afghanistan, the British – like other nations – saved thousands of Kabul people in the summer of 2021. At one point, some 150 dogs and cats were also found in the care of a former British soldier’s animal welfare organization Feather farting steel. This resulted in harsh criticism as it meant that fewer people were involved in the plane.

Johnson according to reports which the prime minister has denied, he should have personally campaigned to save the animals. In later published e-mail However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly stated that Johnson also allowed the rescue of animals.

No blockade: “Let the dead bodies flock!”

Did he say it – or not? Boris Johnson was on locks furious. After that no exit in the spring of 2020, he wanted to prevent another. During the dispute in the fall of 2020, the following sentence was reportedly derived from its study: “Let the bodies be piled up in the thousands!” Roughly translated: “Let the dead bodies flock!” She was later refused Johnson It irritated him anyway.

Johnson protects advisers Dominic Cummings

he was understanding Johnson even with the mistake of his then close advisor Dominic Cummings. When this one in the spring-no exit 2020 broke Corona rules by traveling, he gave himself up Johnson before. There was little public understanding of this.

Johnson protects the Minister of Health Matt Hancock

Also former Minister of Health Matt Hancock violated Corona’s rules, he kissed the consultant. Hancock he apologized Johnson he accepted it – but not the public. Hancock eventually he resigned. Another misjudgment Johnson.

A luxury holiday on the island of Mustique

This is by no means the first incident that has bothered Johnson so far and who nonetheless survived: spent over Christmas 2019. Johnson with his girlfriend on a luxury vacation on the Caribbean island of Mustique. The problem with this: it was not clear who paid for the trip. The committee spoke Johnson however, later cleared of the allegations of breaking the rules.

Why was Johnson’s resignation declaration taking so long?

This Boris Johnson Many observers did not notice that he was now resigning as party leader, and thus soon also as prime minister. Also the Viennese political scientist Johann Dvořák said Wednesday WDR nor his supposition that Johnson it is likely to survive the latest scandal as well. He justified this primarily with the institutional conditions of British politics and his personal situation Johnson Tory-Political party.

“The position of the British prime minister is like a warship that commanded an English fleet in the 18th century: master of life and death.”
Johann Dvořák, political scientist

According to the political scientist, the British prime minister has a wealth of power that would be unthinkable elsewhere in Europe. For example, it can appoint and remove cabinet members regardless of what the party or others say. It is this abundance of power that makes it so difficult to overthrow a prime minister in particular. This Johnson submit to pressure from colleagues from the party and resign Dvořák not expected.

The problem that arises now: “The Tories are seriously divided “How Dvořák He said. Although the party may Johnson declaration of resignation from the office of the Prime Minister in order to appoint a successor. But for this you first have to agree with someone – but he or she is not recognizable.

On the one hand, they would Tories I like to do without it for sure Dvořák: new elections. He believes that then the party would suffer significant losses and many MPs would lose their jobs. Because it is clear to voters that not only that Johnson the problem is. “Many Tories are like Johnson – they are just as degenerate as he is.”, according to the political scientist. Despite his numerous scandals, they followed the prime minister for a long time, dozens of them held government positions themselves, and many of them were involved in scandals.

“The current hour” also reported on this topic on July 7, 2022. WDR TV.

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