Caleo Color opens a store in Pieschen: natural colors for the children’s room

For several years, Ben Paschold has been running a specialist shop with ecological building materials. Together with his wife Peggy Paschold, he expanded his house in an ecological and natural way to create healthy conditions for children to sleep and play. Finally, together with their friend Gundel Woite, they founded the Caleo Color brand for sustainable colors for the children’s room and will open their store in Pieschen tomorrow.

Founders of Caleo Color: Ben Paschold, Peggy Paschold, Gundel Woite / (from left to right). Photo: Caleo color

A unique thing in colors

Caleo Color paints are clay-based. Clay as a building material has many beneficial properties that have a positive effect on the climate in a children’s room: for example, it is breathable and absorbs moisture, pollution and odors. This contributes to a balanced indoor air climate and prevents the formation of mold. Additionally, clay paint is solvent free, vegan and environmentally friendly, which is reflected in the fact that the clay is available locally. In addition to all the positive aspects for health and the environment, clay paint creates a high-quality, matte color effect and depth of color. The high solids content ensures particularly good hiding power, so that often just one layer is sufficient to achieve a satisfactory color effect. “We also make sure that we produce as little waste as possible. For us, this means that we produce the filling material ourselves from old packaging and mix the colors anew for each order on site. This way we avoid overproduction, explains Ben Paschold.

Color worlds for kids and parents

The three founders are particularly proud of their color collections, each consisting of six colors. “We invented the worlds of color ourselves and chose colors that both children and parents like. For example, pink is never too bright. Our shades are modern and easy to combine, ”says Gundel Woite. Each collection creates its own fantasy world, and each of the six colors in the collection tells its own story in this collection world.

Take a look inside the store - Photo: Caleo Color

Take a look inside the store – Photo: Caleo Color

With the help of the Caleo Color collection, parents and children can create fairy-tale forests, castles in the clouds, dinosaur landscapes and other worlds in a children’s room. You don’t have to worry about the right composition because the colors of the collection are always harmoniously coordinated. In addition, parents receive information about the color effect and tips as to which children’s room a given color is best suited to. Particular emphasis was placed on the lullaby collection. It has been specially formulated for the needs of babies and includes colors that are very suitable for the sensitive eyes of newborns.

opening on Friday

On Friday, July 8 at 10:00 am, the Caleo Color store at Rehefelder Straße 19 in Pieschen will open its doors for the first time. Eight collections have their own zones of children’s rooms, thanks to which parents and children can get ideas for furnishing and implementation. In addition to the clay colors, other products are offered on site to ensure a healthy lifestyle in the children’s room. These include, for example, natural wall tattoos, changing tables and cork play mats, as well as small gifts. The assortment is completed by ecological building materials from the specialist in the field of natural building materials “Naturanum”. “To create well-being for families, we also have a fully equipped changing table, a cozy nursing corner and lots of play options for big and small children,” reports Ben Paschold. There is a large planning table for the joint design of the children’s room, where color and material combinations for floors, walls, etc. can be assembled.


Openly: July 8 from 10:00 to 18:00
Address: Rehefelder Straße 19
Opening hours: Mon and Wed-Fri from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

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