Cinema review: “Alfons Zitterbacke – Finally a class trip”: Family-friendly fun

The best tip for hot days? To a nice cinema! “Alfons Zitterbacke – Class Trip at Last” is a fun and entertaining film which we can recommend to you for this purpose.

Alfons Zitterbacke is definitely unlucky in misfortune. It couldn’t be worse: what he touches goes wrong, what he plans goes wrong and is therefore often the object of mockery by his classmates. The trailer shows how uncomfortable this life can be:

Just inconvenient. Alfonso almost slept through the class trip, and also had his mother’s suitcase with him instead of his own. Great conditions that classmates can laugh at again. However, these are just two of the more innocuous shame, mishaps, serious accidents, and unwanted slapstick cutscenes that encounter him numerous and varied – no matter what area of ​​his life. But he is basically a good guy with a fear of heights and a lot of courage, and blessed that the events of his tumultuous life have a happy ending after all.

Why is it good for the whole family?

All in all, anyone who has come to terms with the fact that there is someone like Alfons Zitterbacke can have a great time with their permanent, strangely surreal bad luck. In this second new film adaptation of the hero of the children’s book Alfons-Zitterbacke, invented by Gerhard Holtz-Baumert, we are going on a class trip. Who doesn’t know that? We’ve all had to go through this, and the class trips are fun in their own right, and apparently the 2022 class trips aren’t much different from the class trips in previous decades, except now they all have cell phones. Everyone should find something to laugh at, at least because you remember your mishaps on a school trip, which of course were even more fun. Or the good feeling of relief that you’ll never have to go on a class trip again makes you hysterically excited.

Of course, this does not apply to viewers who have not yet started school or have only recently started learning. What would be funny about this movie? The age rating of the film is 0 years, so anyone who wants and is considered by their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents to be suitable moviegoers can theoretically watch the movie. Even kids between the ages of 3 and 4 should find enough age-appropriate unlucky jokes depending on their ability to concentrate, as much of what happens is based on the classic action slapstick punch lines that are known to be they work quite well with kids. seniors. Nobody has to worry that the little ones will get a cinematic trauma or inappropriate words.

The educator has difficulties, and Alphonsus is already aloof, and the above incident does not improve Alfonso’s overall situation. And finally the teacher will throw up again. Photo: © X Rent

As such, the exciting question remains of how a maturing audience can enjoy a movie. There are no horses or dogs, if the human identification figures do not provide quite strong emotions, maybe there will be no poster on the wall, but in any case you can laugh relaxed with the whole family without time-consuming preparation or process and use reality for a while from great casts for children and adults.


  • In the main role you see Luis Vorbach as the unfortunate Alfons Zitterback.
  • At his side, Benni (Leopold Ferdinand Schill), Emilia (Lisa Moell), Leonie (Leni Descher)
  • Archrival Nico (Ron Antony Renzenbrink) with his henchmen Bodo (Jonas Heinrich) and Frodo (Arved Kuhnhardt)
  • Kemal (Dennis Kharazmi) and Max (Egon Werler)
  • Alfonso’s mother (Alexandra Maria Lara) and Jack (Sam Riley)
  • Neurotic teacher Flickendorf (Thorsten Merten) and Laila Hoffmann (Haley Louise Jones)
  • Extremely unfriendly Hilde Buck (Anna Thalbach)
  • Hostel Father Fred (Gojko Mitic)

Books are very popular

Anyone who remembers Alfons Zitterbacke’s books from his youth probably has roots in the former GDR or in the environment in which such a person lives. The film contains stories from books such as a pasta accident in which Alfons Zitterbacke tells what “happened to him with pasta and tomatoes”, but the general idea that emerged in the late 1960s has obviously been carried over to the present day and the script it is different than in the Books. The first film adaptation from 1966, in which Helmut Rossmann plays a nice unlucky guy with a big mouth, is also completely different. You can see this with an Amazon Prime subscription. 1986 also saw a TV series that you can also stream on Amazon. Of course, there’s also a new children’s book available for purchase, “Alfons Zitterbacke: Finally, a class trip!”

But the new movie is here only in the cinema and with us you will find the seasons in your city.

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