Concert choir: The Cantasmi Choir invites you to a warm summer night

The concert on Sunday, July 24 at 18:00 in the tobacco shed in Bietigheim

On Sunday, July 24 at 18:00 Bietigheimer Choir Cantasmi invites you to a summer concert in an old tobacco shed in Bietigheim under the slogan “Man in search of happiness”. The choir recalls two years of the pandemic in which it was very difficult for the choirs to sing and practice together. But about 35 singers around the choir director Holger Becker never gave up, invented new formats for rehearsals and singing, and actively searched for new members for the choir. Now the choir, strengthened by new singers, presents itself with enthusiasm to the audience as always.

Mild summer night with concert and snack on July 24
On July 24, from 6:00 p.m., a summer concert in an old tobacco shed in Bietigheim awaits the audience with a colorful program ranging from French drunken songs to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. If the weather is fine, it should be a noisy and mild summer night, with a delicious snack from the buffet during the concert break.

The entrance fee of EUR 8 per person (children up to 14 years old free) includes a snack, drinks are also available. Concert tickets can be purchased at the Westermann bakery in Bietigheim, at all choir members in advance and at the box office. “I’m delighted with the choir to finally be able to perform live in front of the audience again,” said choir director Holger Becker on behalf of all Cantasmis.

Digital trials and the project “Impuls” “Cantasmi 4.0”

After normal choir rehearsals in attendance from spring 2020 due to coronavirus were only possible to a limited extent, and sometimes were no longer possible, the Cantasmi choir began in 2020 to sing individual songs separately by voices with one choir member each to record parts and upload them digitally to the choral community so that each member can practice their voice at home using the audio file and corresponding sheet music.

This allowed the choir to maintain a good voice condition and not to forget the existing song repertoire. On this basis, in the fall / winter of 2020, many Christmas carols were recorded by many members of the choir at home using smartphones, and then cut and mixed by chorister Thorsten Brandel using appropriate software until a real choir sound was created. The choir sent this audio file to friends, relatives and affiliated clubs as Christmas greetings.

Cantasmi choir is currently involved in the project “Impuls”, which is carried out by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in cooperation with BMCO (Federal Music Association Choir & Orchestra e. V.) in order to permanently strengthen amateur music in rural areas, received commitment to co-finance your project “Cantasmi 4.0”: The purchase of digital equipment for the professional implementation of digital choir rehearsals is supported by a project commitment with financial support. In this way, the choir wants to arm itself against any future trial restrictions in order to be able to safely continue trials even in a pandemic time.

New singers still welcome

Despite all these efforts, Cantasmi, like many choirs, has experienced some loss of members due to long periods without face-to-face rehearsals. But Cantasmis refused to just accept it and held an open tasting session for new choir members in October 2021 in Bietigheim. Ultimately, 15 new singers were interested in the tasting test on October 10, 2021, about half of whom are now regular members of the choir.

Interested persons who would like to take part in the Cantasmi Choir rehearsal are welcome. The choir rehearsals take place every Friday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, currently in the Catholic community center in Bietigheim. You can also get to know the choir at the summer concert on July 24.

To Cantasmi Choir
The Cantasmi Choir brings together people from Karlsruhe and Gernsbach who like to sing and practice together. The repertoire is varied and includes contemporary pieces in various languages, classical choral settings and sacred songs. The choir sings at various regional events, club festivals and religious celebrations, and holds concerts at longer intervals. Cantasmi always organizes open Advent chants on Sunday in early December. Singing enthusiasts can now get ready for Advent Singing 2022 with Cantasmi Choir.

Cantasmi Bietigheim Choir (GV Frohsinn)
Thorsten Brandel

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