Create fun and beauty with colorful yarn crafts!

When you think about crochet, certain projects immediately come to mind. Blankets, scarves, cardigans and maybe even adorable newborns are classic crochet favorites, but as always, the creativity of the craft community knows no bounds! If you look closely, there are some truly remarkable designs that are drastically different from the plain, safe designs that we know and love. We have collected some unusual crocheting ideas. Whether you try these designs or not, we hope they still make you smile!

Rainbow crochet pattern


4.5 mm crochet hook
craft scissors
Yarn needle only if you don’t include fringes (because if you are including fringes you don’t need to knit the ends)

The gauge is not critical here, but take a look at the finished measurements to get an idea.

Finished Size:
15 cm wide x 8 cm high

We've collected some amazing crochet hook ideas

Pattern remarks:

The first slip stitch in each row is counted as a double slip stitch. Finish at the end of each row. You don’t need to pierce or tie anything. Just cut the thread and pull it through. You always attach a new color to the top loop of the lock stitch of the previous row. If you look at the finished rainbow, this pattern works right to left. If you are attaching fringes to the bottom, you don’t need to braid the ends. Think of it as one of the strands of your tassel!

Crafts from yarn bring joy and beauty to your home


Let’s start with the magic circle!

  • Row 1: 3 slip stitches, crochet 7 double slip stitches in the magic circle. Danger! You don’t need to cut a stitch to turn a magic circle into a real circle. Instead, sew and leave as a semicircle.
  • Row 2: 3 slip stitches, 2 double slip stitch across each stitch, BUT only 1 double slip stitch in the last stitch.
  • Row 3: 3 slip stitches, 1 slip stitch in the next stitch, 2 slip stitches in the slip stitch, 1 slip stitch in the next stitch.
  • Row 4: 3 slip stitches, 1 double slip stitch in the next stitch, 2 slip stitches in the stitch, 1 slip stitch in the next 2 stitches.

Unusual crochet ideas: a bow

When you think about crochet, certain designs come to mind

The bow is a colorful and cute crochet design.

  • Row 1: Crochet a double stitch in the fourth stitch from the crochet hook. Then work double until finished measurements (24 stitches).
  • Row 2: stitch 3 for twill stitch, start this row with the second slip stitch for the crochet hook – a total of 24 double hooks
  • Row 3 and 4: Repeat to complete 4 rows.

The bow is a colorful and cute crochet design

Cut the thread and thread it last. Cut off any excess yarn. Fold it in half and sew both ends together. Start by tying the ends together and tying a knot to keep them together. Sew them together with the yarn needle and tie another knot at the other end. Pin the center together to make a bow and wrap the thread around the center until you like it. Take the needle and pass the end of the thread a little through the center and tie a knot. Cut and ready!

Make yourself earrings in yarn

Crochet earrings by yourself - colorful crafts

Another unusual crochet idea is to make simple earrings yourself. They are beautiful and go well with any outfit. They are also easy and quick to make. You don’t need a lot of yarn, so they’re a great project for leftover yarns! The beauty of homemade earrings is that you can match them with the outfits you already have. As there are different colors of yarn, you can create beautiful handmade earrings in any color you can imagine!

Cozy lipstick

This is an easy crochet pattern for a lipstick holder

One of the most annoying things is a dry mouth and finding lipstick in your purse. With a crochet hook, you can quickly find a solution. This is an easy crochet pattern for a lipstick holder. Get ready to love this crochet design, choose a yarn, grab your crochet hook and let’s get started!

Unusual crochet ideas: an owl keychain

Unusual crochet hook ideas - Create owl keychains

Super easy, super quick pattern, perfect for gifts or craft shows! You can use any color. Add hanging rings for key rings, lanyards, backpack clips etc. A sweet gift for family members or friends. Everyone would like to have such a keychain.

Make cute pumpkins

You will need at least three different thread colors for this pattern

These gourds are suitable for users of all skill levels – even beginners. For this pattern, you will need at least three different thread colors, a 3.5mm hook, and a 4mm hook. They are so cute and perfect for home decoration.

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