Elderly woman murdered in her shop: suspect arrested

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An elderly woman was murdered in Obernkirchen. After investigators gave details of the horrific case, new leads surfaced, but no suspects.

Patch for July 8 9:05 am: In the case of the killed businesswoman in Obernkirchen, an arrest warrant was issued for the murder of a 45-year-old suspect. According to prosecutors, the man confessed to killing the 75-year-old. Exactly how the crime happened and what motive is still being investigated.

The 45-year-old was transferred to a prison. He is facing life imprisonment. The 75-year-old was found dead at her stationery store in late June. The corpse was dismantled.

July 1 update at 12:00 PM 12:46: In the case of a businesswoman who died in Obernkirchen, Lower Saxony, the homicide commission has yet to track down a specific suspect. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Bückeburg said on Friday that an investigation into the murder of an unknown person was still ongoing. Assessment of the evidence at the crime scene is not yet complete. Information was received after the police had called for witnesses again. The 75-year-old was found dead at her stationery store on Monday. The corpse was dismantled, clothes were missing.

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Patch June 30, 2:01 pm: After the violent death of a 75-year-old woman in her stationery store in the small town of Obernkirchen near the border with North Rhine-Westphalia and Westphalia, investigators hope for witnesses – and give the first details of the murder.

Elderly woman killed in her shop – Woman found with no clothes on

The woman was found undressed in a shop, the prosecutor’s office in Bückeburg and the police in Nienburg said on Thursday. Despite intensive investigations, interrogations and interrogations, it is not known what clothes the 75-year-old was wearing on the day of the crime. No items of clothing have been found, despite intensive searches. A businesswoman was found dead Monday in her shop in a small town near the border with North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to the information, investigators assume murder due to the location of the evidence and the results of the autopsy. The police inspectorate set up a multi-person homicide commission to investigate. Investigations are underway against the unknown.
Homicide is looking for witnesses who saw the 75-year-old in her store or elsewhere on the day of the crime. Investigators also asked for information from witnesses who made suspicious observations about the business on Monday lunchtime. In addition, witnesses are sought who can provide information about the victim’s clothes.

Old woman killed – police warn clothing finders to be careful

Investigators warned not to touch women’s clothing found accidentally and apparently carelessly discarded in Obernkirchen, but report it to the police. In this case, witnesses should wait for the police at the scene.

Investigations are extensive and complex, said the police and the prosecution service. First of all, no details should be given “due to the tactics of the investigation”. To speed up the investigation, another background of the crimes was published. Authorities did not comment on whether anything was stolen from the store.

Murder in Oberkirchen: Probably has no connection to the ax murderers in the region

According to earlier information from the spokesman of the prosecutor’s office in Bückeburg, Nils-Holger Dreisig, there is no evidence that the alleged so-called an ax murderer could also be responsible for the violent death of a 75-year-old. On the border of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, a 36-year-old is being sought, who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend’s 39-year-old lover with an ax on the night of June 18. Kalletal-Stemmen in the Lippe District.

Patch on June 28, 4:05 pm: Two days after the violent death of a 75-year-old woman in her stationery store, investigators do not draw attention to themselves. “Investigations are continuing under a lot of pressure,” Bückeburg spokesman Nils-Holger Dreisig said on Wednesday. According to the prosecutor’s office, there is no evidence of a link with the alleged murderer with the suspect’s ax in the region.

Patch on June 28, 4:11 pm: So far, according to the prosecutor, there is no evidence that the murderer with the ax, wanted in the region, is also the perpetrator of the 75-year-old who died in Obernkirchen. The woman’s body was autopsied on Tuesday to find out the exact cause of her death and narrow down the time of the crime. Initially, it was unclear when the result would come.

A spokesman said it was being checked to see if the suspected murderer with an ax who was wanted could have been involved in the crime in Obernkirchen. “But there is no sign of it at present.” Investigations are conducted in all directions and one can imagine the motive in the personal sphere. Whether or not there was a sex crime is still under investigation, Dreizig said when asked. Initially, the prosecutor’s office also failed to provide information as to whether something had been stolen in a stationery shop.

Old woman brutally killed: North Rhine-Westphalia ax murderer is wanted in the region

[Erstmeldung] Obernkirchen / Kalletal – It is only 28 kilometers away between Obernkirchen in Lower Saxony and the Kalletal in North Rhine-Westphalia. In both places, one person was brutally killed within ten days. At Kalletal, he is suspected of the culprit who is being wanted under a lot of pressure. Is he also the murderer of the 75-year-old in Obernkirchen?

Police and prosecutors initially did not comment on the possible link between the two acts. On Monday (June 27), a 75-year-old woman was found dead in her stationery store in Obernkirchen (Schaumburg County). Investigators assume homicide.

According to the police and the prosecutor’s office, traces at the crime scene indicate that the woman was a victim of a violent crime. Until evening, the police could not provide more detailed information on the cause of death or the course of events. Investigators have not yet announced whether money was stolen from the 75-year-old’s store.

Officials are hoping for clues from witnesses who may have spotted something suspicious at a stationery store on Neumarktstraße to investigate the crime.

The hunt for an ax murderer from North Rhine-Westphalia continues – reward offered

The search for Elchin Agaev is ongoing in the region between Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The 36-year-old is said to have killed his ex-girlfriend’s lover with an ax on June 18 in Kalletal (Lippe District). He then raped the 24-year-old and pushed her and two young children into a car, drove away, and finally ended up at a police checkpoint. Nevertheless, he managed to escape.

Elchin Agaev. © Police

Police recently proposed a witness award. 5,000 euros have been allocated to the information leading to the capture of the 36-year-old. (with dpa material)

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