Former Health Minister Spahn testifies in the mask commission

Together with Jens Spahn (CDU), the former federal minister will testify today for the first time as a witness in the Bavarian State Parliament’s inquiry committee about the crown mask. The former federal health minister should answer committee questions about the link between the federal government and the Free State in mask shops, commission deputy chairman Florian Siekmann (the Greens) in Munich said.

Head of Söder’s office in front of the Mask investigative commission

The head of the chancellery of Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) testified before the mask inquiry commission on Thursday. He described why a telephone conversation between Söder and the Bavarian corona test manufacturer GNA Biosolutions ultimately failed. The former CSU Minister of Justice, Alfred Sauter, who is now independent in the Bavarian Parliament, campaigned for her. However, after internal investigations, specialist officials “advised against” making a phone call.

Sauter actually wanted a million euros to help quickly with the tests

In December 2020, Sauter applied for special approval of the “Octea” rapid corona examination device deployed. For this, he received an attorney’s fee in the amount of EUR 300,000. In fact, Sauter wanted even a million euros for his commitment, but the managing director of the development company “GNA Biosolutions” in Martinsried near Munich was able to “tender” him. At least that’s what he said recently in an investigative committee of the state parliament.

A telephone meeting with Söder should facilitate the sale of the company

There was a problem with the sale of his company, so on December 14, 2020, GNA’s managing director wrote directly to Söder’s office manager. In the email he describes that “a well-known company from Silicon Valley is planning a three-digit investment” in his company. But: “Now there is a problem with the federal authority which is frustrating Bavaria’s interests by a dubious decision. Therefore, I am asking for a 10-minute telephone meeting with Prime Minister Söder, who can certainly remove this obstacle (…) in a nutshell “.

It was about the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (BfArM), which wanted to refuse special approval for the corona test.

The telephone meeting never took place – no special permission

The next day (December 15, 2020), Alfred Sauter wrote an email to the Bavarian State Chancellery. There he refers to the desired telephone meeting with Söder and asks the State Chancellery to contact the relevant BfArM “as soon as possible”. However, this was not the case, as an internal memo to Söder states: “Additional actions by the State Chancellery seem unnecessary. Due to the possible influence on the decisions of the federal authorities (BfArM), restraint is also advised.”

On December 23, 2020, special approval for the Rapid Corona Test has arrived. The head of Söder’s office told the investigative committee that he had no idea where this change of mind might have come from. The goodwill increased from EUR 100 million to approximately EUR 160 million and was eventually sold to a US investor.

Sauter used the signature as a member of parliament of the CSU

GNA Biosolutions obtained the support of the Munich law firm Gauweiler & Sauter, which is well-connected in the CSU, state administration and entrepreneurship. Peter Gauweiler is also a former Bavarian minister, former head of the CSU in Munich and a successful lawyer.

In his December 15, 2020 email, Sauter then wrote from the email account of his other law firm Sauter & Wurm – and mostly signed as a member of the CSU state parliament. Address: Maximilianeum. For Florian Siekmann (The Greens), vice-chairman of the committee of inquiry, this email is evidence that Sauter presented himself as an MP and was also seen as an MP in the state chancellery. Sauter had long been acting as a lawyer “and collected 300,000 euros on the back.”

Aiwanger also wrote to Spahn about the Octea Rapid Test

Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) also supported the Octea quick test. And directly with the then Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). The letter is also dated December 15, 2020. Aiwanger advertises in it a special endorsement with the words that the time period for detecting the virus is “much shorter than with comparable testing methods.” In his opinion, there is ‘a unique advantage to the GNA Biosolutions’ Octea system with regard to the combination of the three properties of ‘analysis quality’, ‘test speed’ and ‘individual test price’. “.

Spahn reserved due to possible commissions of inquiry

Former federal health minister Spahn will testify this Friday to a mask investigative committee in the state parliament. In addition to questions about the special approval of the GNA test – the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (BfArM) initially wanted to decline the application until various politicians intervened – Spahn will also have to answer questions about the mask business with Swiss Emix-Trading.

In March 2020, he also received an SMS from CSU MEP Monika Hohlmeier, daughter of CSU legend Franz Josef Strauss. There she asked “dear Jens” on behalf of her childhood friend Andrea Tandler, daughter of the former CSU Finance Minister and Secretary General Gerold Tandler, if the federal government could need three million masks to protect against the crown. Spahn asked for an SMS e-mail that he wanted to convey.

In May 2020, Hohlmeier again contacted Spahn via SMS: Due to the alleged quality defects of Emix masks, payments from the Federal Ministry of Health have been suspended. In retrospect, however, Spahn replied in an almost visionary manner: he did not want to exert any political influence, as committees of inquiry would probably still be dealing with the case. “It protects you and me. LG Jens “.

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