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When it comes to water polo, you need a lot of shape – after all, the game is four times eight minutes long. That means 32 minutes where you have to swim back and forth all the time. In addition to fitness, complex movement sequences are a real challenge. The difficulty is getting out of the water high enough to throw the ball while you are off the ground.

When I was in second grade, there was a sports project in Düsseldorf called Talentiade. There, it was possible to try different sports, and depending on whether you were good at one, a recommendation came out. And for me, it should just be a water polo. I really liked the practice training in the club, that’s why I stayed with the water polo. I have been in the city club Düsseldorfer SC since I was 7.

The people who take part in water polo, i.e. coaches, teammates and players from other teams, are nice. What I also like about this sport is that the training is always exciting and varied. So it can never be boring.

STRENGTH TRAINING The water polo training itself is extremely intense. We currently exercise four to five times a week for three hours. When I was younger it only happened two or three times a week. These three hours are broken down so that we first have an hour of strength training. Until the age of 16, you train with your own body weight, from the age of 16 you play in the men’s team and you can go to the gym. We mainly swim in the second hour. And in the third hour there are ball exercises and training games.

My next big competition will be Maccabiah in Israel.

We often organize contests on weekends. I have been to many, both at home and abroad. Since I’m in the NRW squad, I also took part in some really big competitions, for example in Croatia twice before Corona – I was twelve at the time – or in an important international tournament in Hanover. Now I play for the men’s team in the Bundesliga. But for several months I have been invited to personnel training. I also thank my parents for making all this possible.

POTENTIAL We play in the U-16 and Bundesliga. It is distributed throughout Germany. For example, last week we were in Potsdam with the NRW team and we participated in the German Cup. My debut in the Bundesliga took place in January. Everyone in my club knows each other. If you train hard and the coaches see the potential, you can sort of advance in the teams and be able to play for the higher teams. And for me it was Bundesliga.

My next big competition will be Maccabiah in Israel. It all actually started when my father himself attended the Maccabiah in Israel in 2005 and he always told me a lot about it. Ever since I found out there is Maccabiah this year, I am dying to attend. Before the competition, the organizers are looking for athletes in many different disciplines. And when I found out there was a water polo team I signed up right away and was immediately invited to the courses. All of this took place mainly on weekends. We met every two or three months, not more often, because it’s also a bit difficult to get all the members from different cities.

SOCIETY You can bring up to thirteen athletes to Israel. I have another teammate in my club who is also Jewish. He is also riding. Besides, there are players from Essen, Wuppertal or Berlin and Frankfurt. I am the youngest on the team, most of them are 20 or older.

Really looking forward to leaving. Of course you want to face this challenge. Outside of competitions, we focus on having fun. PreCamp in Duisburg starts next week. Then for two weeks to Israel via Frankfurt. This will be my first time there. I’ve always wanted to go to Israel. Now it’s finally time.

During the first two weeks of the summer holidays I work in holiday care in a primary school. I was looking for such a job because Israel is getting quite expensive. We’re taking the kids on trips, and I’ll be with them next week when they get their sports badge.

After the Jewish elementary school in Düsseldorf, I went to the Jewish gymnasium named after Albert Einstein. I am in the second year after its foundation. I usually go to school until three or four. But Tuesdays and Thursdays until five o’clock, because I’m on the Nachshon program, a kind of gifted education. Some days, I only have time to go home for dinner. Then it goes straight to training. Sometimes I also have time to rest and do my homework.

School is not difficult for me. I am most interested in the German language and sports. I am now in my tenth grade of high school. I see the advantages of attending a Jewish gymnasium in the fact that exclusion on the grounds of religion is frequent in other schools. We are a very open school. Although it is a Jewish gymnasium, all religions and cultures are welcome. We celebrate all holidays together. The atmosphere is nice, nobody is excluded, everyone feels comfortable.

Game I am very interested in the Nachshon program in which I participate. I owe it to my director who got everything on its feet. The program comes from Israel. We have it on Thursdays and Fridays after school. I like it very much. We focus on becoming leaders and acquiring new skills that we can use in the professional world by launching various projects. My first was a tour of Düsseldorf in the footsteps of Heinrich Heine.

Outside of school and sports, I meet my friends as often as possible. And I like reading and writing, actually my own works, if you can call it that. I write down everything I want to do. I am also a huge fan of Harry Potter. Besides, I like reading books that have to do with psychology. This interests me because I am working on the book myself. For example, there are different methods for creating a character. For that, you need to understand psychology. I’m reading a book by Thomas Harris It’s alright, alright.

SYNAGOGUE My family is not strictly religious, but we go to synagogue from time to time. And at school, we often celebrate the Sabbath. Here I learn a lot about my own religion and others. Learning something new about a religion you know is always exciting.

I was born and raised in Düsseldorf. My younger brother would also like to start playing water polo, he has already trained in my club, but for two years he has been focusing on swimming. If he does it well enough soon, he will also come to the water polo.

My first wish for Maccabiada is a lot of fun, gaining experience and meeting new people. And of course you are also encouraged to achieve something. It would be nice to get a medal with the team.

Recorded by Annette Kanis

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