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Last week, companies from the “renewable energy” sector were very popular. FROM UC ESG Global Renewable Energy Index it pushed up by more than two percent and thus developed better than leading indices such as DAX® and EuroStoxx®50. The main catalysts were the manufacturers of Ballard Power and FuelCell fuel cells, and manufacturers of photovoltaic systems and storage systems such as Sunnova and Sunrun. The sector may continue to gain momentum in the medium term. Germany is pushing the energy transition with the recently approved Easter package. Through the Repower EU program, the EU wants to promote dependence on fossil fuels.

The UC ESG Renewable Energies Index tracks up to 30 companies from Western Europe, Japan or the US that belong to the “Renewable Energy” industrial sector or the “Renewable Energy Generation” industrial sub-sector according to a sector classification scheme. This allows investors to make widely diversified investments in producers of solar, hydrogen and wind power plants. To be included in the Global Renewable Energies Index UC ESG, companies must also meet the ESG sustainability criteria. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. The check is based on data from the ESG ISS ESG service provider. ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., a sustainability assessment agency and a leading provider of environmental, social and management solutions.

Only companies with a market capitalization of EUR 1 billion on the day of selection and with an average trading volume of EUR 10 million over the last 20 trading days are taken into account. Solar system manufacturers Enphase Energy, Meyer Burger Technology, Sunpower, wind turbine manufacturers Nordex and Ørsted, as well as hydrogen and fuel cell specialists Ballard Power and Nel are now included in the index. The composition of the index is revised every six months and equally weighted. The net distributions of equities included in the index are reinvested. The index fee is 1.5 percent per year. The index sponsor and calculation agent is UniCredit Bank AG. More information at www.onemarkets.de

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Essential UC ESG Global Renewable Energy Index
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