Have you received a warning from Frommer Legal regarding copyright infringement?

Frommer Legal (Frommer Rechtsanwalts PartG mbB) is a Munich-based law firm that works for, among others, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

A frequent reason for warning from Frommer Legal is accusing the recipient of offering the film to third parties via the Internet.

Maja’s lawyer is also aware of Frommer Legal’s warnings in relation to the use of photographic works (photos).

take deadlines seriously

Frommer Legal’s alerts often set two deadlines: One deadline is for the return of the declaration of discontinuation of business. Another term is for the payment of the other side of a sum of money – often € 935.80.

Frommer Legal usually includes a pre-formulated declaration of cessation which must be signed and returned.

Do not send any statements back to Frommer Legal without legal verification. Don’t call Frommer Legal. Depending on your specific case, you may seriously harm your own reaction simply out of ignorance.

The usually fairly close deadline for submitting a declaration of cessation should be taken very seriously:

Because Frommer Legal offers you, by setting this often very tight deadline, the possibility of avoiding potentially costly court proceedings from the so-called Injunctive relief by voluntarily submitting an Injunctive Relief claim.

If this period expires unused and you are therefore sued for an order, this can result in high and, most importantly, completely avoidable costs, which can be in the average four-digit range (and above).

Various case designs

The cases underlying an alert can vary widely. Therefore, it is always necessary to examine in detail from a legal point of view how exactly your warning can be handled on a case-by-case basis in the best and gentlest way.

Common constellations are:

  • You have committed the alleged violation yourself.
  • Your own children, other relatives, friends, acquaintances or other guests have violated the law through your connection.
  • They cannot explain how the law has been violated.

    These matters are particularly critical and should also be discussed intensively with the solicitor before deciding how to proceed, as submitting a freezing declaration on the one hand and an injunction on the other can have far-reaching and serious consequences.

  • Using a WLAN connection for file sharing on a flat share (WG) or when renting to a third party.
  • Your entire Wi-Fi connection has been made public and freely available.
  • The breach lasted only a few seconds.

Normal answer options

There are the following common response options, but should always be accompanied by a lawyer, but are better processed directly and completely by a lawyer:

  1. No declaration of discontinuation will be issued and no payment will be made to Frommer Legal.

    You should carefully investigate whether and at what risk this procedure is recommended in your individual case: Maja’s attorney receives inquiries several times a month from people seeking help who are currently being sued by Frommer Legal at high additional costs and who often had exactly this procedure years ago they were advised by the lawyer at the time or by her lawyer at the time.

    Maja’s lawyer often learns in these cases that, as a lawyer, he would not advise responding to the warning in this way.

    This is annoying because costs in such cases continue to increase after years and can be completely avoided.

    Interestingly, these clients often no longer turn to their former lawyer.

    It is therefore necessary to check very carefully from a legal point of view, and above all discuss in detail and advise whether this path makes sense in individual cases or not.

  2. A declaration of cessation of business is issued, which differs in content from the formula in the alert, and the full amount is paid to Frommer Legal.

    This hypothetically possible path was never taken by Maja’s lawyer, despite many cases of this type.

  3. A declaration of cessation is issued, which differs in content from the model in the warning, and a lower amount is paid to Frommer Legal.

    This is a procedure Maja’s lawyer uses frequently when issuing alerts from Frommer Legal.

    Especially in the case of legitimate warnings, this can eliminate the risk of costly injunctions and, at the same time, lead to a truly final settlement of the payment requested by Frommer Legal, so that the matter is completely settled in this way.

    Depending on the individual case, Lawyer Mai was able to achieve a regular reduction in the amount payable to Frommer Legal to € 250–575 (for initial claims of around € 935) using this approach in the past.

  4. A discontinuation declaration is issued that differs in content from the template in the alert and no payment is made to Frommer Legal.

    This variant is also possible in individual cases and is always checked by Maja’s lawyer as a possible solution if you outsource them.

Hire a lawyer

Will you remove your wisdom tooth yourself? You probably prefer to go to the dentist or maxillofacial surgeon and leave the topic in qualified and experienced hands. Do the same with your warning!

This means: Hire an attorney you trust to discuss your specific, individual case, and then immediately take all necessary steps to protect you from further harm.

Out-of-court processing at a flat rate

Maja’s attorney can usually offer you all out-of-court processing of your alert from Frommer Legal to share files at a fair flat rate of € 290 including 19% VAT.

This includes in particular:

  • Detailed legal advice on the optimal strategy for your individual case.
  • If necessary: ​​ask your solicitor to extend the deadline if the deadline is close (please do not call Frommer Legal!).
  • If required: drafting and submitting an amended declaration of cessation of business – without pleading guilty.
  • All negotiations with Frommer Legal as to whether and, if so, what amount you make a payment to Frommer Legal.

Request a timely, free initial consultation with Maja’s attorney via SMS

You can text Adtorney Mai with the text ‘Frommer’ on 0151 20 600 120 if you have received a warning from Frommer Legal and wish to seek an initial consultation with an attorney. The call is free for you.

Maja’s attorney makes every effort to call you back within 60 minutes between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM. You can also provide a convenient time for Maja’s attorney to call back and your full name in the text message.

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