Junge Wirtschaft Wien praises the implementation of the digital operating license

An important step towards a “digital city”

Vienna (OTS) Modern and business-friendly Vienna requires profound changes. The network of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Junge Wirtschaft Wien has been calling for support for founders and young entrepreneurs for years.

One of the main demands of the Viennese Young Economy is the creation of a “digital city” where official approval channels and procedures can be simplified and digitally handled where possible. The “digital city” should enable companies to handle all business-related processes as effectively and digitally as possible.

An important relief for companies

Barbara Havel, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Junge Wirtschaft Wien, therefore strongly welcomes the recently announced introduction of digital operating system approval by the City of Vienna: “The implementation of a purely digital operating permit is already anchored in the future agreement between the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and the City of Vienna”describes Havel. The fact that the city is moving forward with this deployment is an important milestone towards a digital city and creates significant simplifications for Viennese companies. Next: “Pure digital processing would reduce the very long processing times nowadays many times over – it currently takes four to 12 months from submission of documents to receipt of notification.”Havel explains.

Havel also welcomes the announcement of the expansion of the “Mein Wien” platform into a digital one-stop shop. “We have been calling for this principle for a long time and will continue to do so until all communication with all important institutions and organizations for the company is possible through one platform.” Data already collected from offices and their databases (eg extract from the company register, population register, USP, tax office …) should also be combined under the “one-off principle”, in accordance with legal requirements. Some data (birth certificate, proof of citizenship, registration form or company register entries) do not need to be provided more than once. However, according to Havel: “However, it is important that the people involved are perfectly coordinated.”

Transparency and control of your own data

The authority’s inquiry obligation cannot in any way extend the authorities’ existing investigative powers, as only existing powers (voluntary or statutory) are used. “Transparency is also important to usHavel explains. “Firms should be informed and be able to see what activities have been carried out in relation to the company profile and what is the state of the current procedures.” The right to your own and your company’s data should be available at any time and free of charge.

Further development opportunities include the expansion of the electronic mailbox (My Inbox) to a service center, automatic mobile phone signature for entrepreneurs (without its own application) along with the expansion of the related possibilities, the expansion of the high-tech network for Vienna.
“We want to position Vienna as a European reference location for business and innovation”Barbara Havel explains her vision. “We already have entrepreneurs for this. The appropriate framework conditions are now required. A digital city is essential for this. “

Young Economics Vienna

Junge Wirtschaft Wien is an impartial, voluntary and honorable community of young entrepreneurs, executives, founders and enterprising people aged 18 to 40. Junge Wirtschaft Wien currently has around 3,000 members across all sectors. A team led by Barbara Havel is fighting to dismantle outdated standards, rejuvenate economic policy structures and create the best possible framework conditions for young Viennese self-employed workers.

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