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LONDON (dpa-AFX) – After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, calls for his early replacement grew louder. Johnson announced his resignation as leader of the British Conservative Party on Thursday, but intends to remain prime minister until a successor is elected. The schedule and exact framework conditions for the election of the new head of the Tories will be determined at the beginning of next week by the competent party body, the so-called Committee 1922.

Johnson’s replacement should take weeks, not months, Conservative MP and Johnson critic Caroline Nokes told the BBC on Friday. As Nokes said, the process differs significantly from the previous transitions from one Conservative prime minister to another, which have always involved significant political issues. “He has lost the trust of the Conservative Party due to a lack of personal integrity,” said the chairman of the Committee on Women and Equality. Johnson received “strong news” from his group. “His past behavior will no longer be tolerated.”

Vice-president of the opposition Labor Party, Angela Rayner, even called for Johnson’s immediate removal. “He’s a proven liar who feels we can’t afford the next few months,” said Rayner. She added: “They have to get rid of him, and if not, we will have a vote of no confidence in Parliament.” It is clear that Johnson has lost the trust of the public.

Johnson is considered unlikely to be removed from office following a motion of no confidence in Parliament. To this end, some of his factions would have to vote against him. New elections could then be held that Johnson’s conservatives should not be interested in at the moment. The mechanism differs from the no-confidence vote that Johnson recently experienced within the faction.

But scandalous Johnson is making headlines again, which his party probably won’t like. As his spokesman confirmed on Friday, the outgoing prime minister is planning a private wedding with his wife Carrie at Checkers’ official country estate, and intends to stick to it despite his resignation. According to media reports, the festival is scheduled for July 30. Johnson and his wife Carrie therefore want to celebrate their wedding, which last year was celebrated in a small circle due to the pandemic.

Education secretary James Cleverly, recently appointed to Johnson’s cabinet, said he wanted the Johnsons to be able to party, even if Checkers were changed in the near future. “I think it would be a generous gesture from the new prime minister to allow this to happen,” Cleverly told the BBC. As a result, no financial burden is expected from the taxpayer. It’s “small” to be jealous of two people who want to celebrate their marriage and love for each other – he added.

A government spokesman denied the Mirror report that Johnson wanted to remain in office largely because of a planned event on the grounds of a sumptuous Buckinghamshire mansion. The prime minister has a strong sense of duty and will serve his country until a new prime minister is found, the spokesman said. However, the newspaper also cited Torah people who described the project as “hopeless” and called on Johnson to resign immediately.

Meanwhile, the race for success after Johnson was gaining momentum. Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, chief lawyer Suella Braverman, and Tom Tugendhat, head of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, announced their candidacy on Friday evening. More to come. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace leads the polls. But he wanted to consult the family first, it was heard. They were also to submit their candidacy, inter alia, Foreign Minister Liz Truss and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt./cmy/DP/ngu

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