The holiday free time was so summer and colorful

Summer camp in Grimlinghausen
Playing in the Grass was so lukewarm and colorful

This year, the open tent camp was a lot of fun for many young people from Neuss. The program in Grimlinghausen ends after twelve exciting days. We collected some impressions from the outskirts of the city.

The children are looking for treasures in the forest together. There are several large tents on the lawn where people enthusiastically paint, make crafts or play cards. Six boys compete in a fierce tournament on the table tennis table. The district sports facility Grimlinghausen has been a busy place for several days. The Fun in the Grass tent camp once again offered the young people of Neuss a colorful holiday program. Leisure in the suburbs, organized in cooperation with the Youth Office, the Malteser Children’s and Youth Center in Grimlinghausen and the Kontakt Erfttal Children’s and Youth Center at SKM Neuss, takes place every year since 1997 at the beginning of the summer holidays. The festive fun ends this Friday. About 80 people aged 12 to 16 participated this year. Many caretakers looked after the young guests for twelve days

“We are not just a summer camp here,” says Klaus Winkels of the Contact Erfttal children and youth center at SKM Neuss. “This is an open tent city. Parents can register their children there, but can always pick them up in the evening and bring them back in the morning, ”explains Winkels. The entire tent camp is located in nature between fields and meadows, yet it is not too far to the city center.

In addition, girls and boys are not tied to a permanent program, but can take advantage of the offers flexibly. “The kids are on vacation. Therefore, we give them freedom. If you only want to sleep in your spare time all day long, you can do so, says the holiday camp team manager. Due to the changing rooms belonging to the sports facility, there would also be good sanitary facilities. And the food is freshly prepared on the spot. For example, last Thursday there were burgers with homemade potato wedges.

    Over 30 tents were set up in the camp.

Over 30 tents were set up in the camp.
Photo: organizer

This year’s colorful program in the county included box climbing, swimming, karaoke, geocaching, various ball sports, a night trek and several board games. The card game Wizard seems to be particularly popular these days. Lots of people played it here, says Winkels. There is usually always an action packed rafting trip through neighboring Erft. But this time it didn’t work out as the renovation work on the river made it impossible to experience the runoff.

Together with environmental educator Gundula Kerekes, young people from Neuss were able to look for insects. Amazing specimens such as the rice bug have been found in the flower meadow, which is not actually native to this region. Children aged 12 to 16 also made their own plaster hands and key rings and designed them individually.

Contrary to previous years, when restrictions related to the crown and stricter hygiene rules meant that the holiday program had to be significantly reduced, it was now possible to stay overnight again. There were always around 30 tents at the sports facility, even though some were taken down and new ones were set up from time to time. The organizational team around Klaus Winkels, Alex Rohde and Heiko Ritters is already looking forward to next year and hopes to see many of the children coming back next year. This shows how popular this type of youth work is.

Here is the photo gallery: This is what fun on the grass in Neuss looked like in 2022

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