The Rhineland-Palatinate frigate is put into operation

Wilhelmshaven (ots) –

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 2 p.m., the German Navy will put into service the frigate “Rheinland-Pfalz”, the last of the four F125 class frigates of Baden-Württemberg at Wilhelmshaven.

“The fourth and final launch of the F125 class is another important milestone for our squadron and navy,” explains the frigate’s 4th squadron commander, Captain Dirk Jacobus (53). “This means that for the first time all four ships are under the responsibility of the Navy. With the takeover of the last F125 in the Navy, we are gaining additional funds for the targeted training of all our crews, ”said the commander. .

On the order of the Deputy Inspector of the Navy and the Commander of the Fleet and Support Force, Vice Admiral Frank Lenski (60), Commander Stefan Rappelt (44), the crew commander of the F125 “Charlie” will put the frigate into service. With the commissioning of the “Rheinland-Pfalz” frigate, the crew of the F125 “Charlie” is the second of a total of four 125-class ships successfully entered into service with the German Navy, completing the introduction and testing phase of this new class of ships, “explains the captain of the frigate Rappelt. “The crew is therefore pleased with the success of the German Navy and the upcoming tasks aboard the newest navy ship,” said the commander.

Rheinland-Pfalz now complements the F125 squadron alongside the “Baden-Württemberg”, “Nordrhein-Westphalen” and “Sachsen-Anhalt”. The frigate, as a very modern and durable vessel, can remain in the operating zone for up to two years, regardless of the home port, thus increasing the efficiency of the fleet. Moreover, due to the high degree of automation, the personnel approach is almost halved compared to previous frigates. The main task will be maritime surveillance in crisis areas and support for special forces from the sea.

Even with the F122 frigate class, there was “Rhineland-Palatinate” which made the land known in the seven seas. The close relationship and lively sponsorship between the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the ship’s crews will be revived when the new “Rhineland-Palatinate” is put into service.

general information

With the Baden-Württemberg class frigates, the navy will have a total of four of the most technologically advanced warships in the world. The newly designed frigate type is the result of German operational experience over the past decades and is intended for current and future stabilization missions. The scope of tasks of the F125 class mainly covers maritime surveillance in crisis areas around the world, such as embargo control missions or anti-piracy operations.

The Baden-Württemberg class meets the requirement of being able to remain in global and long-term use thanks to new technical and organizational concepts: Intended for intensive use, with 5000 operating hours, it can run continuously for up to two years regardless of the home port. The interval between inspections of warships is scheduled for five years and eight months. That’s almost doubling the deployment time and quadrupling the maintenance intervals over previous Navy frigates. Reduced maintenance requirements, combined with automation and digitization on board ships, allow the crew to be reduced from over 200 on the remaining frigates to 126 soldiers of the Baden-Württemberg class. Several 125 crews change every four months during longer deployments. In this multi-crew concept, eight crews are provided for four Baden-Württemberg class ships.

Technical Specifications:

Notes for the press

Media representatives are invited to the press event “Fleet Reinforcement: The” Rheinland-Pfalz “frigate is commissioned. Early registration is required for further planning and coordination.

Date: Wednesday 13th July 2022. Check in by 13:15 at the latest.

Later adoption is no longer possible. Some areas of the navy base require the wearing of an FFP2 mask.


14.00 The beginning of the event

14.15 Speech by Deputy Inspector of the Navy and Commander of the Fleet and Support Forces of Vice Admiral Frank Lenski

followed by a welcome by the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of the Interior and Sports, Mr. Roger Lewentz

14.35 Speech by Commander Commander Stefan Rappelt

followed by a commissioning ceremony

15.40 Handing over the branch’s flag

16:00 end of the party

Location: Heppenser Groden Naval Base, Alfred-Eckhardt-Strasse 1,

26384 Wilhelmshaven (address / address of the navigation device)

Registration: Media representatives are asked to send the attached registration form to the Press and Information Center by e-mail for accreditation by Tuesday, July 12, 2022, at

Late registrations are not possible.

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Press Office, Operacyjna Flotylla 2, Wilhelmshaven
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