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When in 1767 the “Watch, Fine Steelwork, Jewel and Jewel Factory” was opened in Pforzheim in 1767 in 1767. The cornerstone of more than 250 years of history in the German jewelry and watch industry. After opening Schmuckwelten on June 17, 2005 Not only world-famous companies in the traditional industry had a first-class shop window, an important tourist magnet for the region was also created. Many celebrities from film, television, sports, business and politics have already been spotted there in recent years. Both events will be celebrated on Saturday, July 16, 2022 with a special entertainment program.

A fascinating world of adventure and shopping

In an atmosphere that is unique in Europe, on two floors there are unimaginable opportunities to buy golden and brilliant master days. The variety with more than 150 jewelry and watch brands is reason enough to visit Schmuckwelten. There are also exciting areas of knowledge and experience as well as the opportunity to get creative as Goldsmith. 250 years of experience and competence can be felt up close here.

Buy jewelry where it comes from

The attractive shopping areas of Schmuckwelten sparkle with more than 150 jewelry and watches in all price ranges. From gold souvenirs, accessories, fashion and jewelry trends from international brands in arcades to luxury jewelry at Juwelier Leicht, Schmuckwelten offers it all – pure shopping pleasure.

Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren (DSU) and the Galerie Für Kunst & Design present themselves at the “BeleTage” Schmuckwelten on the 1st floor. Almost everything on this hub revolves around “Made in Pforzheim” design and quality. At Gallery for Art & Design, the design team and Goldsmiths are looking forward to thrilling visitors with something special. Visitors are fascinated by the unique and design jewelery and the items of over 80 jewelery artists and makers.

Many of the creative people are former students at Pforzheim Goldsmith School and Watchming School or have studied jewelry design at PforZheim University. This unit creates a spatial and thematic symbiosis with Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren GmbH: the beautifully designed showroom and sales center for industrially produced products create an unforgettable impression. And especially important: experts advise here, namely trained goldsmiths and watchmakers. PFOrzheim jewelery for Pforzheim and the world – German quality from German production.

Transparent factory and hands-on workshop

How does a chain machine work? The jewelery history in PFOrzheim comes alive again in a transparent factory. At the Goldsmith Workshop, guests become jewelry designers and design their own jewelry! Seasoned Goldsmiths represent a fascinating world of jewelry, design and creativity. Working, sawing and assembling like a pro on Goldsmith’s historic board of directors – an unforgettable experience.

Continuous further conceptual development of the Schmuckwelten

The Schmuckwelten are situated in the heart of the golden city of Pforzheim. In the commercial sector, Goldstadt offers a solution to all your questions about gold, gemstones, jewelry and watches. A large number of companies and associations are located here, each with its own unique profile. Schmuckwelten is just as intensely dedicated to this area and offers a “comprehensive carefree package” for private customers via a network of companies. The competence and quality of the traditional industry, a unique range of products, the best specialist advice and an exciting experience are the pillars that make up the Schmuckwelten service profile and visit the Gold City Worth and Necessary.

Pop Tenors (right) Claudio Versace, Enzo D´eugenio and Jeremy M. Buck will organize a birthday concert on July 16 in the jewelry world.

EXCELLENT! This is how we celebrate the 17th birthday of Schmuckwelten Pforzheim

Saturday, July 16, 2022, 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Celebrate with us – experience the multi-faceted Schmuckwelten with over 150 jewelry and follow brands and an exciting global experience over 2 floors!

Bright highlights:

15.30, birthday concert “Idea poptenors” – Three great United voices! Pop Tenors Claudio Versace, Enzo d’Eugenio and Jeremy M. Buck inspire with brilliant voices and their crossover repertoire. Free (forum in the tower district).

Free city ​​tours with a gilded vintage bus “Golden Inlay”

Gold-plated Porsche: Take an unforgettable selfie

Ball press demonstration: Experience first hand how the pendant is made.

Mineral exhibition: Fantastic natural wonders are presented in a modern and stylish atmosphere.

Interactive exhibition »«: An interactive experience about gold on the 1st floor of the Schmuckwelten.

Bring us your treasures! Jewelry cleaning, evaluation, gold purchase, rework

Easy jeweler (e.g.):

Myth Pearl

Natural wonders from the sea and endangered beauty from the depths: we show giant clams weighing more than 50 kilograms.

Explore the diverse world of pearls: white, black, round, baroque …

We show timeless classics and modern designs from the Perlenhaus Gellner collection

Arkady (first floor):

Diamond rush

Exhibition of the most famous diamonds (replicas) in the world.

A diamond – radiantly beautiful, seductive and elegant! We present you with a wide selection of brilliant jewelry made by companies from the region.

Toast with us! Welcome to the Schmuckwelten Cuvée glass with a 22-carat gold insert.

Goldliner-Bus and Gold-Porsche point out: great celebrations will be held on both floors in the Jewelery Worlds at Leopoldplatz in PFOZHEIM.

Jewelry Art Design Gallery (1st Floor):

6-year-old kids program: There is a lot going on at the Goldsmith table, and the buttons are made up of sheet music and concert programs.

Let you be charmed by sparkling diamonds and create your own favorite jewelry with a jewelry designer.

German jewelry and watches

The color of the gem – colorful signs of self-confidence:

The premiere of the Peter Fischer Manufactory: Casual Luxury collection, which inspires and convinces, comes from the desire for a tasteful play of colors.

Sasha Afschar presents her “Jewelery Gardens” collection: pieces of jewelry designed with great pleasure in the use of high-quality gemstones and loving attention to detail.

Loose colored stones and pearls from Oskar Herzel: Let yourself be enchanted – we will create jewelry with you.

More concerts

Roland Bliesener, 13:30 – 14:30

MT Head, 14:30 – 15:30

Yeama, 4:30 pm-5:30pm

Free entrance

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