Early Music Festival: Beginning of Aequinox in Neuruppin with lauttencompagney and songs by Leonard Cohen

The “Big C” hit just the day before, says Wolfgang Katschner, Art Director of Lautten Compagney at the opening concert at Kulturkirche Neuruppin. Two vocalists from the band amarcord plus dropped out. But a replacement was found, a very suitable replacement. A vocal ensemble from Leipzig, whose members all act like soloists, play at musical balls with such virtue as if they had been practiced for centuries. Although: not bullets actually, but lightning and arrows. Because the program included Claudio Monteverdi’s book “Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi” from 1638, and in this early Baroque vocal piece the fight of hearts is almost bellicose. The call to arms is heard, fierce battles and daring battles are sung, more of Mars than Cupid.

Lamentation of the Nymph

The fact that this is not a battle noise, but rather virtuoso and funny romances, results from the perceptible desire with which singers and instrumentalists enter into dialogue, for example when the soprano singer Angelika Lenter frames the famous Lament of Nymph. (Lamento della Ninfa) three friends sing a hearty farewell sadness, and bassist Holger Krause in the final sinphony “Altri canti d’Amor” simply lets a bubble of coloratura. Like a painterly word, how dramatically and vividly the singing is sung here, it is less correct to convey the notes than absolute visualization. Monteverdi was rarely so audible, so alive.

Crossover in different places

It was an appropriate start: since the popular festival that the loud band around Wolfgang Katscher usually starts on the March equinox in Neuruppin and moved to the supposedly safer summer of last year and this year due to the pandemic, it has always featured a bold crossover, clever mixes of themes and absolutely virtuoso artists. And even if the organizer Gabriele Lettow would like a little more movement at the concert box and the current reluctance to participate in cultural events is painfully felt – three days of old and not so old music in Neuruppin, between the concert church, the infirmary chapel, Neumühle and Hangar 312 is one festival .

Cohen station wagon with Renaissance music – is it possible?

American bassist Joel Frederiksen and his Phoenix Munich band prove that Monteverdi’s inaugural concert program can still be crowned with a Friday night concert in the intimate outpatient chapel. He blends Leonard Cohen’s songs with French Renaissance chansons, not one by one, but mixes the songs in a strophic fashion, sometimes highlighting Cohen’s melodic line with Pierre Attaingnant’s Galliarde, as in “Dance Me To The End OF Love”. and if you really think it doesn’t fit together at all, you learn the lesson magically. Cohen was actually always a bard himself, and Frederiksen, with his warm, confident bass, was a sympathetic interpreter.

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The distance between “Susanne un jour” by Orlando di Lasso and Cohen’s famous song “Suzanne” is not great. “Hey, it’s impossible to say goodbye” not only sounds great thematically from Jasquin des Prez’s “Adieu mes amours”, and when in Cohen’s late and farewell song “You Want it Darker” he always once again pathetically throws “Helas Triste Fortune” from the play Thomas Créquillon’s Quand me souvient de ma triste fortune is a timelessly valid commentary on Cohen’s settlement with God the Creator. And the accompaniment of the viola and lute makes the four hundred years that separate the composers harmoniously blend. At the end, “Hallelujah” comes with Henry Purcell to the accompaniment of cheers from the audience. Hallelujah this festival exists.

Another program

Saturday, July 9, 19:30 Kulturkirche:
JOURNEYS IN TIME – Baroque goes to Pop. Henry Purcell and The Beatles songs

Sunday, July 10 at 11:00, Neumühle Alt-Ruppin:
Here is a miracle. John Dowland and the ROUND TABLE circa 1600, with Corinna Harfouch

Sunday, July 10 at 16.00, Hangar-312:
TIME ZONE. Satie meets Scheidt

Program and information at www.lauttencompagney.de/aequinox/aktuelles. There are still tickets.

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