News in the morning – News of October 31, 2020 – Politics

Coronavirus news

More than 19,000 new corona cases in Germany. The number of new infections in 24 hours, as published by the Robert Koch Institute on Saturday, is at its highest since the virus outbreak. Politicians plan to deploy Covid 19 intensive care patients across Germany. To the news blog

Midnight is coming. After Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern now also bans tourism in its own country. With the number of infections, the list of travel warnings in Europe continues to grow. More information

Record number of new infections in the US. The United States recorded nearly 100,000 new cases of corona discharge on Friday, more than ever before. It also overshadows the US election campaign, which is entering its final sprint this weekend. News about the US elections

More breaking news

Reports on allegations of fraud remain under lock and key. Cardinal Woelki from Cologne does not want to publish a study on sexual violence against children and adolescents. The reason for this is methodological flaws, Matthias Drobiński and Annette Zoch

Terror in France: How the Killer Brahim A. Got to Nice. From Tunisia to France via Lampedusa: a 21-year-old stabbed three people in Nice on Thursday; The attacker was seriously injured by police officers and is hospitalized. What do you know about the perpetrator? Authors of SZ

Draw with Stuttgart: Schalke continues there. Even against VfB, it wasn’t enough for the slightly improved Gelsenkirchener to win as defender Sané weakened handball. Stuttgart jumps high in the table. To the match report

What becomes important

The last weekend of the US campaign before the election 3.11. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden arrives in Michigan with former President Obama. The incumbent Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. How devastating is the story of Trump explain in graphics Gabriel Kroher, Sören Müller-Hansen, Lilith Volkert and Jana Anzlinger (SZ Plus).

SPD Brandenburg national party conference with election of executive authorities. Prime Minister Woidke is running for party leadership again. Finance Minister Lange, Mayor Velten Hübner and former member of the national parliament Müller want to stand for the position of deputy chairman. Potsdam Kolesnyk, the president of the SPD, is being proposed as secretary general.

Opening of the capital BER airport. The first planes will land at the new airport this weekend. However, the long-awaited start of the new Warsaw airport allows you to forget about the current problems only for a moment, more about that here. Climate custodians are planning protests – and they want to disrupt the opening of the airport.

Parliamentary elections in Georgia. About 50 parties are competing for 150 seats in parliament. After mass protests, Saturday’s voting will take place in the new voting system. Most MEPs are now elected proportional.

Protest action against the tightening of the ban on abortion in Poland. On October 22, 2020, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal declared the right to abortion in the event of a serious and incurable defect of the fetus unconstitutional. What started with the abortion ban is much more now. To the text by Florian Hassel

New mass protests in Belarus against the ruler Alexander Lukashenko. After the opposition’s ultimatum expired, the democratic movement called for the so-called march against terror. The background is the growing repression of demonstrators in the country and increasing violence by the uniformed. This is the twelfth major Sunday demonstration in a row.

breakfast cereals

Nibbling, caring, enjoying: for some, being at home this year meant, above all else, gardening. Now is the time of harvest – and Titus Arnu has never been so lush as in the year of Corona. In a new episode of our column, “All the Best” he tells what he loves in his own catwalk. And why in 2020 not only a new generation of tomatoes has grown up, but also a new generation of gardeners. By Titus Arnu

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