The Digital Literature Atlas of Bavarian Swabia has been expanded to include Oberallgäu – News from Immenstadt

The digital atlas of Bavarian Swabia literature now includes a chapter on the Oberallgäu. Contains 183 entries – not only about the authors.

Immenstadt This is the fate of many women: Stephanie Tannheimer (1923 – 2013) from Hinterstein, despite her good academic performance, is unable to attend high school. After the father’s death, the mother uses the girl’s help to support the family with ten of her own children and two foster children. However, Stephanie Tannheimer, known as Nanie, will write poems and short stories for the rest of her life. Some of them she later published on her own. In 2008, Bad Hindelanger Ursus-Verlag presented unpublished texts in the volume “Aus Nanies Schatzkästlein”.

Literary sites in Oberallgäu are also included

The Digital Literature Atlas of Bavarian Swabia (DigiLABS) commemorates the life and work of Stephanie Tannheimer. Just missed a chapter Oberallgaeu expanded. Contains 183 entries. Most of them are dedicated to authors. But it also includes articles on institutions such as the Sonthofer Kultur-Werkstatt, literary venues such as Arthur Maximilian Miller’s Poetwork in Oberstdorf-Kornau, and literary paths such as the Obermaiselsteiner Sagenweg. This new chapter has already been activated in the Immenstadt House of Literature Allgäu was celebrated with many speeches.

a document of diversity

Under the leadership of Markus Blume, the Bavarian Minister of Science and Art, who spoke in the video, all the speakers from the world of politics and research emphasized the scientific, but also the cultural and identity importance of this project and the diversity of documenting the literary landscape.

From the Middle Ages to the present day

The initiator is dr. Nicholas the Wolf. A professor of German literature and language at the University of Augsburg outlined how the project aims to cover authors from all over Bavaria, Swabia from the Middle Ages to the present day, whether they write in a standard language or a dialect. Klaus Wolf outlines the goal for the entire district to be developed within five years.

Tedious research

After working on the Ostallgäu district, linguist Rosmarie Mair from Oberallgäu has researched the Oberallgäu district from 2020 and recorded the authors. She told about her painstaking research – partly severely hampered by the crown pandemic – when archives and libraries suddenly shut down. On the other hand, in those days the authors were easily reachable by telephone as they were usually sitting at home.

Appeal for a “Literary Province”

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Book presentation in Tannheim

Mountain railways, shopping areas and event tourism: this is how the alpine landscape in Oberallgäu has changed

Rosmarie Mair has outlined the diverse literary landscape of Oberallgäu from which writers like Claire Beyer, born in Blaichach, or from which successful writers like Susanne Mischke in Wertach live. However, Mair diagnosed that most of the named authors from the region cannot make a living from their writing. Dr. Peter Czoik from the Bavarian literary portal with the digital atlas of Bavarian-Swabian literature presented its structure on the Internet. Dr. Kay Wolfinger from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, from Sonthofen, passionately appealed for the opportunities of the “literary province of Allgäu”, whose unique advantage should be used – for example in tourism.

Samples of a 92-year-old author

The representative of this “literary province” is also 92-year-old Toni Wintergerst from Immenstadt, who during this ceremony at the House of Literature handed over several samples from the great treasury of his poems, stories and aphorisms: wise and mischievous, like poor Jockele, he complains to God and receives a convincing answer from him. The songs with which musicians from Oberallgäu Christian Blanz and Tim Hecking loosened up their speeches were also witty and moving.

Atlas of digital literature of Bavarian Swabia.

Article about the author Toni Wintergerst from Immenstadt.

Article about the author Stephanie Tannheimer from Hinterstein.

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