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Real estate tax for 2022 must be submitted electronically through Elster. Tax return forms will be ready soon – but there are obstacles.

Berlin – German politics is facing a gigantic task: the old property tax must be reformed and replaced with a new basis for calculation. This involves a lot of work – also for homeowners in Germany. For property tax in 2022, you must file a separate tax return with the tax office and provide information about your property. While at the beginning of the year, consumer ombudsmen warned against serious problems and misunderstandings, the so-called According to an estimate, on July 1, the deadline for introducing a new real estate tax becomes applicable. The owners then have until October 31 to report their properties to the tax authorities, writes

Property Tax Forms 2022: What Documents Should I Submit?

There are several things to consider in order for the property tax to be properly filed with the tax offices: Depending on the federal state, a different model is used to calculate the property tax. As a result, other information is required to provide the basis for the conversion. Meanwhile, homeowners are wondering what forms to fill out for property tax in 2022.

Property tax is payable not only on new buildings. With the reform, all real estate in Germany has to be re-appraised. Homeowners must submit information to the tax office. (Iconic Image) © Mia Bucher / dpa

I like the side measures, forms and instructions for completing the declaration to determine the value of real estate tax were published as early as December 1, 2021. Under the reference number BStBl. I 2021, 2391 ff. you can see them in the Federal Tax Journal. However, be careful: the NWB database can only be used to display 2022 property tax forms in paper form. As a rule, however, real estate tax must be submitted electronically. The individual federal states have now also published detailed instructions on the laws of their respective federal state.

Contrary to the laws of other federal states, the Free State of Bavaria has opted for a different approach to submitting its property tax return. While the Bavarian tax offices also rely on the electronic filing of tax returns, it is also possible to file them in paper form. For example, in Hamburg, paper transport is excluded.

Property Tax Forms 2022: Homeowners must pay attention to this with paperwork

The necessity to reform the real estate tax in 2022 is determined by the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal. At that time, the old basis of calculation was found to be unlawful. The current property tax reform is complex and will take several years: property tax will only be levied from 2025 on a conversion basis. As such, homeowners will need to cooperate with the tax authorities in the coming months. However, there are deviations in the forms and documents that must be submitted.

What is the property tax 2022

Property Tax 2022 is a tax collected by the property tax offices in Germany. In addition to built-up land, this also includes agricultural or forestry land. Landlords and homeowners are therefore required to pay property tax to the local authority once a year. Income flows into cities and municipalities and is an important source of income for them.

What the 2022 Property Tax Forms look like and what information should be provided in your Finding Statement depends on one decisive factor: the federal state. Depending on the federal state, the federal model or a different state model is used. As a result, the scope of information may vary. Meanwhile, data defenders fear major data chaos due to a new property tax in 2022.

These forms are required for an Elster property tax return

  • Elster user account
  • certificate file
  • File number
  • information from the land and mortgage register
  • Detailed information depending on the country model

Elster: Real estate tax forms and documents provided

The 2022 real estate tax reform ensures that landlords in Germany must submit a tax declaration to the tax office by October 31. It is obligatory and possible from July 1, 2022. The declaration must be submitted electronically. There is the Elster portal for property tax 2022, where you will also find the necessary forms and documents.

Prerequisite to be able to use Elster for further tax settlements: Elster user account. Owners who already submit their income tax electronically to their tax office can use the same account. Anyone who does not yet have a user account can create one. It should be noted here that this process may take several weeks as registration consists of several steps. As reported on the Elster news page, further information will be made available on the property tax in 2022 – including a chatbot and country-specific details.

Property tax return 2022: Forms and documents must be submitted to the tax office

As already mentioned, 2022 real estate tax return forms have appeared since the beginning of the year. However, as the assessment declaration has to be submitted electronically through Elster, they are of limited use. With millions of properties needing to be revalued, property tax reform is a complex endeavor that will be occupied by the tax authorities for a while. According to the federal model, the form to be submitted for the real estate tax recalculation requires the following information with the documents: plot area, standard land value, type of use, living area, year of construction of the building. The requirements of the Länder deviate from this.

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