These stores are disappearing from Ravensburg

In the retail trade, Ravensburger Adlerstrasse comes and goes: the florist shop “Grün am Turm” has once again left its headquarters in an alley. A successor to the glass fronts industry has already been found. There are now other closings and new openings in the lower town.

The indoor climate was not optimal for the flowers

As her original store in Bauhütte am Holzmarkt is being refurbished, Ursula Brugger took her with her “Green on the tower” moved temporarily to a shop on Adlerstrasse. Now she has left there again, although she cannot yet move to the future store in Bauhütte, which is opposite her previous landing (in the future between the bakery and the passage towards Frauentorplatz).

Closing of the Ravensburger Autohaus Schuhbauer

The premises on Adlerstrasse were not perfect: the store heats up due to the glass front. “The indoor climate is crucial for flower arrangements,” says Brugger. She also felt that customers were spending less money on flowers at a time when everything was getting more and more expensive.

Observation: the number of passers-by has increased

Contrary to what it claims, she finds Adlerstrasse attractive. The number of passers-by has also increased. As the Müller pharmacy in the upper town was closed, according to Brugger’s observations, more pedestrians than before crossed the alley to reach the Müller branch in the lower town.

Despite the closure of the store, he is still working on customer orders over the phone. The existing florist’s shop on Adlerstrasse is to be renovated by autumn. Then the owners of the company “Mała Britain”, Nicole and Uwe Köppe, open the “English Tea Room” there “Mrs. Gray”.

Tea and British pastries take center stage

The emphasis will be on tea, says Nicole Köppe, and also heralds scones, typically British tea cake, English pastries, tarts and cheese sandwiches. Your store on Rosenstraße will continue to exist, as Köppe points out. She and her husband made a conscious decision to go to the lower town. “Adlerstrasse is suffering at the moment, but it’s a great location with its own atmosphere,” says Köppe.

    At the corner of Rosenstrasse and Eisenbahnstrasse, a house that previously sold women's clothing was being renovated.
At the corner of Rosenstrasse and Eisenbahnstrasse, a house that previously sold women’s clothing was being renovated. (Photo: Lena Müssigmann)

Something new appears at the corner of Rosenstrasse and Eisenbahnstrasse: Das Nero Cafe A corner building was expanded and added, where women’s fashion was also sold earlier. There will be plenty of seating inside, which the Eisenbahnstrasse cannot offer due to the small retail space, explains owner Raphael König. There will be a transition to the previous Nero. According to König, the café in the corner building will open in four to six weeks, depending on the progress of the approval process. As part of the cooperation with the Zum Muke winery, the range of wines is expanded, and the store area for selling delicatessen, wines and spirits is also expanded.

The operator of Nero exudes optimism

Raphael König likes the constant change in the lower town: “Something is growing there.” In recent years, new openings, most recently Hermann’s am Kaiserhof, have transformed the Eisenbahnstrasse from an obscure street into the “highest address”. “It shows how quickly things can change in both directions,” he says. Also regarding Adlerstrasse, which is currently struggling with vacancies, she adds: “You shouldn’t give up on this street too quickly.”

The new impetus for Adlerstrasse is to come in one and a half years Pop-up shop which city was opened on July 1 at Adlerstrasse 3. Changing entrepreneurs test their concepts there. In addition to Portuguese leather bags, regionally roasted coffee and Italian designer lamps are now sold there. The boutique opens at Adlerstraße 11 on August 6 “In the Master’s Room” new – owner Sabine Gebhard moves there from Bachstrasse to expand her business.

Pop-up store in Ravensburg: This store is temporarily relocating to the old town area

Pop-up store in Ravensburg: This store is temporarily relocating to the old town area plus

The level of rent is criticized many times

A boutique with women’s fashion “million” “Klause” at Adlerstraße 26, next to Pilsbar, is no more. Lindau owners give personal reasons for the closure after four and a half years. They also feared that the coming fall / winter season might reshape Corona.

Shop with glasses Professional optics moves from Adlerstraße 5 to the former “Schuhbox” a few houses away. There you can offer an assortment on one rather than two tiers and thus more customer-friendly, according to Pro Optik. Moreover, the rent and utilities are lower. According to the owner, there is still no successor to the retail space at Adlerstrasse 5.

The level of rent is criticized many times. Oxana Shatovkina, which will be at the women’s fashion store on Rosenstrasse by early 2022 Xenia Friedrich sold, says, “People got used to shopping online during Corona.” Sales fell, so she could no longer afford what she considered expensive rent. Their former retail space has also not been leased yet.

New Corona Test Center on Rosenstrasse

The Rosenstrasse also has “Box of art” closed, where, among others, plates. The landlord also complains in an announcement on the front of the window that commercial rents in Ravensburg are too high. According to reports, he will soon reopen his store nearby, but he doesn’t want to confirm it just yet.

The “Artbox” in Rosenstraße was closed, where, among others, plates. The owner complains about high rents. According to reports, it will reopen its store nearby soon. (Photo: Lena Müssigmann)

A fashion store has also recently closed “Vis a vis” on Rosenstrasse. The company offers there “Together, new ways” now offers rapid corona tests and PCR tests.

    In the former premises of the Vis à Vis boutique, the company
In the former premises of the Vis à Vis boutique, Together New Ways has established a corona research center. (Photo: Lena Müssigmann)

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