100 years of Alpenrose Königsdorf: Mayor in generous pants

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Pastor Bernhard Hegelsberger held a service on Sunday with the people dressed in traditional clothing in Königsdorf. © Ewald Scheitterer

Trachtenverein Alpenrose Königsdorf celebrates its anniversary – the head of the town hall Kopnicky promises 500 euros for work with young people.

Königsdorf – Regardless of whether the announcement that the folk costume association Alpenrose Königsdorf wants to celebrate its 102nd birthday only on a small scale, there was a lot going on on Sunday at the sports field. About 400 traditional customers gathered for the official ceremony in the Stockschützen hall. “As we have no more space, we only invited two sponsoring associations to our postponed anniversary,” explained Franz Mayer, first president of Königsdorfer Trachtler. In addition to delegations from the village associations, only Wendlstoana from Thanning and Edelweisser from Bad Tölz were present when the church procession went to the sports ground in the morning, where an altar for field service was set up.

100 years of Alpenrose Königsdorf: Mayor in generous pants

It was striking that the Königsdorf Mountain Rifle Company unit did not get even ten people on their feet. “Easy to explain,” says Trachtler’s boss: “Most of them marched with us today.”

“The Bavarian expressions” pure woman “and” bold man “not only signify recognition, but are also a declaration of faith,” Pastor Bernhard Hegelsberger emphasized in his sermon. He explained that the 102nd birthday thanksgiving service showed that the customs in the village were still alive. True to the original Bavarian motto “Live and let others live”, customers over the past 100 years have done a lot to preserve customs and traditions. The service ended with the Bavarian hymn chanted by the Königsdorfer Musikkapelle.

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It’s really nice today that we can all meet again and talk comfortably.

It was thanks to Corona Alpenrose that Trachtler could not celebrate his 100th birthday in 2020 in connection with the planned Gaufest. “Nevertheless, I think it’s a good thing you are catching up on the anniversary two years later,” emphasized Sepp Ponholzer, head of Loisachtal-Gaus der Trachtler. “It’s really nice today that we can all meet again and talk comfortably.”

Alpenrose Königsdorf is not worried about the youth

The mayor of Königsdorf Rainer Kopnicky in his greeting highlighted the numerous offspring of Alpenrose Trachtler: “Youth work is extremely important because young people are the future of every club.” It is necessary to fill traditional customs with life. In the Stockschützen hall, TSV Königsdorf saw a worthy setting for the postponed anniversary. As news had spread that the head of the town hall did not yet have the Loisachtal-Gau chronicle, he immediately received a copy from Koenigsdorfer Trachtlervorstand and Gauvorstand. The mayor did not want to be stingy and promised to make a donation of 500 euros to young people in traditional costumes.

The Thanning brass band and the Königsdorf music group entertain the festival guests

After the outdoor service, Thanning’s brass band played until noon to entertain the large number of guests in the hall on the ground floor. After lunch, the “official part” was taken over by the team from Königsdorf. It also accompanied the performances of individual groups of the Traditional Costumes Association. The program was then led by the Folk Music Director Barbara Schmid, in which various groups of children and youth associations and, of course, adults also invented folk dances and jubilee dances. (Exit)

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