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They caught the eye of two: Mücke Motorsport Classic presented two special classic racing cars at Norisring. Fans love the 1995 Opel Calibra V6 4 × 4 and the Ford Mustang GT 5.0.

Even if the two heroes of the golden age of the DTM were not able to cover the full distance on the bumpy street track in the heart of Nuremberg, they made a significant contribution to the gala presentation of the old DTM.

“We knew from the beginning that the most important thing would be to present to tens of thousands of fans two special classic touring racing cars that they love and want to see,” concluded Stefan Mücke after the DTM weekend at Norisring. “Even if we weren’t able to cover the full distance in the DTM Classic Cup this time, we still take some valuable insights home with us.”

The street track in the heart of Nuremberg with its bumps and summer heat turned out to be a special touchstone. Nevertheless, Mücke and his teammate Ronny Scheer accepted the challenge. On the one hand, Kelberg collector Guido Momm’s Ford Mustang GT 5.0 was used in place of the Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth Group A, which he had won at the Lausitzring six weeks earlier. Berlin-based plumbing and heating contractor Gerd Ruch exhibited an American coupé which he built and used in this form in 1989-1994 at the DTM. After a long period of restoration, the original chassis returned to racing at Norisring last October.

After overcoming obstacles that appeared nine months ago in the form of a fragile crown wheel, the Ford Mustang’s stiff rear axle turned out to be another weak point – or rather its suspension.

Redesign of the rear axle

“We cannot avoid redesigning the rear axle,” explains Mücke. “The grip level of our current generation of tires is higher than in the ancient days of these Class 1 vehicles right from the start, when there was even more drift. This means that forces act on the drive components with much less filtering. Moreover, the jumps and bumps don’t get better over the years. “

Result: axle body twisted at the specified suspension points. After the first of the two spot runs on Saturday afternoon, repairs with on-site measures were neither possible nor advisable.

“We took over the second rear axle from the original Gerd Rucha range. But there’s no point in installing them on Norisring with all its endearing specifics and you risk having to write them down in a very short time.

Instead, Mücke Motorsport Classic withdrew the mobile modern witness for Sunday’s race to be able to restart it at the ADAC Sachsenring Classic for owner Guido Momm and Stefan Mücke of TWL. “We can expect far fewer jumps and bumps there – while we are working on the new rear axle concept, we can go back there with the old NOS part without hesitation.”

Even if fans of the Rüsselsheim brand celebrated it as feverishly as they did before: the Opel Calibra V6 4×4, driven by former world champion Keke Rosberg in 1995, still needs time to develop.

This was the conclusion from the even more complex use of the technically complex Class 1 car. The bolted gear stick connection that had oxidized over the years resulted in Mücke having an unplanned pit stop. His father, Peter Mücke, explained in a live interview: “These are exactly the effects that only appear when you actually drive a race in such a car.”

Opting out does not count

But the Berlin team is not giving up after the elaborate partial dismantling of the all-wheel drive vehicle, Ronny Scheer, the undisputed winner of the second round of points at the Lausitzring, returned to the second qualifying session early on Sunday morning. . On this occasion, it became clear that the car from the factory, which was rebuilt over the winter, needed a little more start-up.

“First of all, we should analyze the specifications that have gotten even longer on the Norisring,” said Stefan Mücke. “Of course, we were aware of this in advance. But we also saw the enthusiasm with which the announcement of this unique Opel racing car was received a few weeks ago. It was and is important to us to bring this living piece of touring car racing history to the point where we think it belongs – on the racetrack.

As per current plans, Calibra will return to the 2022 DTM Classic Cup later this season with various modifications in relevant details.

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