Advertising: Sunday shopping in Haigerloch – Zollernalb

Franziska Harr’s “Sissis Traumland” in Gruol offers more than just high-quality children’s equipment. The store also celebrates its first birthday on Sunday. A fire station bouncy castle awaits children at StoffOutlet Zollernalb in Stetten. Photo: food

Shops around town tempt with great offers and discounts / three flea markets

“The specialty shops in Städtle again attract customers with a 10% discount on their purchases. The sale starts at 12:00. In the lower town of Haigerloch, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the Spitalgasse flea market. Anyone who has something interesting in their basement or attic can attend the booth and offer things for sale, hospitality is also ensured. Of course, the Schick apartment and furniture store in Owingen is also open, as is the restaurant: there is lunch, coffee and cake.

This time, two locations in particular are in the spotlight when shopping on Sunday: In Stetten at the railway crossing on Salinenstraße, this time there is a lot to offer. Namely in the StoffOutlet Zollernalb and before, as well as in the opposite Ivo Lavetti.

Lavetti opens its “House of Reuse” at 32 Salinenstraße and sells office chairs, there is also a flea market in the square in front of the building. There is also a flea market atmosphere in front of the square in front of the Zollernalb fabrics outlet. However, there is something more special: because Antiquitäten-Vöhringer from Lautertal offers small and large treasures from the past and present.

Together with Vöhringer and Gentile Gusto from Schönaich, the table is set with antique cutlery, crockery and delicate fabrics. In the fabric outlet itself, you can see sewing shows showing how easy it is to sew something like a pendant or a handbag.

Gentile Gusto from Schönaich also offers pre-packaged bags of high-quality and perishable Italian food and wine in three sizes. and the Materazzi family from Unterjettingen is in charge of all catering with pinsa, noodles, red sausages, chips, coffee, drinks, fresh melons and ice cream in their food truck and their cute monkey ice cream.

Oh yeah: the kids have their value too, as the Mimala jumping castle rental from Rottenburg brings a huge jumping castle for the fire department that can accommodate up to twelve children. Around 4.30pm, a high-quality Elsa sewing machine worth 450 euros will also be raffled off. There are also other awards (high-quality sewing boxes) and vouchers; anyone who buys or consumes something takes part in the lottery.

And in Stetten, right next to it, there is a glass building and a conservatory center, offering individually designed conservatories, suitable roofing for a terrace or balcony or high-quality glazing.

But you can also go to Gruol. This is where Franziski Harr’s “Sissi’s Dreamland” (Panoramastrasse 8) celebrates its birthday from 11:00 to 17:00. Not only a toast at a champagne party, but also a 20% discount on everything – including summer clothes, which are still in abundance. “Villa Hundebunt” from Gruol provides hospitality with coffee, cake and drinks.

After a year, the dreamland of Sissi developed better than expected. Franziska Harr sells her high-quality baby accessories not only through two online stores, but also in a store (open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm; Friday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 10 am: 00 to 12:00). Customers from the counties of Böblingen, Reutlingen and Freudenstadt now find their way there. The new idea she picked up is gift tables for a children’s party, which can also be created virtually.

And for those who also want to enjoy the culture, we have two tips: On Sunday, take a walk around the city with the culture and tourism office (meet at 2pm at the Atomkeller) or visit the Black Staircase, which celebrates its 50th anniversary exhibition 50x50x50). Celebration of the birthday. Open on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.). The exhibition opens on Saturday at 15.00.

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