House in Hemer (NRW) explodes: one fatality

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In North Rhine-Westphalia, an apartment building collapsed as a result of an explosion. There are several injured and possibly missing.

Patch on July 9, 11:35 am: After the Hemer house collapsed, it is not suspected that there are no other people under the rubble. That’s what the fire department said. “According to the current state of the investigation, we assume that there are no more people under the rubble,” fire spokesman Andreas Schulte said on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, apparently, the woman could only be saved without life, previously around 3:00 and 3:45 am a badly wounded man and a badly wounded woman were rescued from the rubble. As Schulte further announced, two people were in mortal danger and were hospitalized.

“Most of all, we are glad that we managed to save two people,” said a spokesman for the fire service. The scene of the accident was handed over to the criminal police for further investigation. According to Schulte, the fire department continues to provide on-site support.

Late in the morning at the scene of the accident in Hemer, it was expected that NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) and Märkisches Kreis County Governor Marco Voge (CDU) and Hemer Mayor Christian Schweitzer (CDU) made an impression on the site and thank the more than 300 rescuers from the fire brigade, police , THW and the Red Cross. “More than 300 rescuers did their best and deserve our greatest recognition,” wrote Mayor Schweitzer on his Facebook page.

The fire and rescue services work in the rubble. © Markus Klümper / Sauerlandreporter / dpa

House explodes in NRW: first death toll – two other people in “acute danger to life”

Update July 9 at 10:56: Police said a woman was found dead on Saturday morning under the rubble. Rescuers managed to locate the woman around 8.50 am, who could only be saved without life. The woman’s identity is not yet certain. The search for other victims continued in the morning.

Patch for July 9 9:25 am: There is now apparently the first death toll in the explosion of an apartment building in Hemer. This is a woman who, like him, could only be saved dead from the rubble on Saturday morning WDR reported.

Hemer: Explosion in the house – the cause has not yet been clarified

Patch July 9 7:30 am: Aerial photos show a field of rubble on which previously stood a residential building. The eruption wreaked total havoc on Hemer in the Sauerland on Friday night. Police and fire brigades assume a gas explosion. The exact cause was initially unclear.

On Saturday morning, four injured people were rescued from the rubble. According to the police and the fire department, at least one more person was buried. In the meantime, emergency services may have contacted her. But it was canceled again.

Hemer: House in North Rhine-Westphalia explodes: two other people are set free – both in “acute danger to life”

At around 3:00 a.m. on Saturday evening, the rescuers first retrieved the man from the remains of the house, and a little later the woman. According to fire department spokesman Andreas Schulte, both were “in acute danger of death”. First, they received medical attention on the spot and were to be taken to a clinic.

The fire department had to be careful, but also quickly approach the buried people. “We worked very carefully so that we could talk to them and touch them,” said Schulte. “Partly upside down,” he added. “It was a tedious job.”

The aerial image shows the extent of the explosion in an apartment building in Hemer (NRW).
The aerial image shows the extent of the explosion in an apartment building in Hemer (NRW). © Christoph Reichwein / DPA

NRW: house explosion in Hemer – “total destruction has not yet been found to such an extent”

Two injured people were already recovered on Friday night. One of the victims was hospitalized with serious but not life-threatening injuries. The man was high on top of rubble, said a spokesman for the fire department Schulte. The second person was reportedly only slightly injured.

The house is said to have been a house of six with eight inhabitants. Three of the eight residents of the house were likely not home at the time of the collapse, police said. The building collapsed completely. Schulte continued: “I saw many buildings after a gas blast, but I have never seen complete destruction on such a scale myself,” he later added.

Meanwhile, the structural engineer had to explain if and how badly the neighboring houses had suffered. The bus was ready in the event of an evacuation. The area around the accident site was cordoned off. It was not yet clear how many people were at home at the time of the accident. Hemer is a town with a population of 34,000 in Märkisches Kreis in the Sauerland. It is the eastern neighboring city of Iserlohn.

Hemer explosion (NRW): Several injured

Patch for July 8 at 10:00 PM: After a house exploded in Hemer in the Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, at least two people were buried alive under the rubble. You have contact with two buried people – said a spokeswoman for the police in Märkischer Kreis on Friday evening. It is not clear how many people are still missing. Until now, it is known that one person was seriously – but not life-threatening – injured.

Three people suffered minor injuries. A spokeswoman said it could have been a gas explosion. But that too is still unclear. Now saving people is the priority.

“We stay in touch with people, talk to them and try to save them from rubble,” Hemer fire spokesman Andreas Schulte said in a post on a news portal. Local The photos show that only a mountain of rubble is left of the collapsed house. “Unfortunately it has completely collapsed, there is not a single stone standing on top of the other,” added Schulte. According to Schulte, six people are officially registered in the house, and a total of eight people would live there. At first, it was not clear how many people were at home at the time of the accident.

Explosion in Hemer
Firefighters stand in front of a collapsed house in Hemer. © Bjoern Braun / dpa

A house in North Rhine-Westphalia will explode: the first supposition on a possible cause

Updated on July 8, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.: Like now picture According to eyewitnesses, an explosion in North Rhine-Westphalia shook the surrounding windows. Therefore, it is said that eight people live in the collapsed house. One person was found seriously injured at the beginning of the operation, so two people were still under the rubble. However, there is contact with the two buried people, a fire department spokesman said picture approved. So far, it is not clear where the other five inhabitants are.

The exact cause of the accident is still unclear, but how picture in addition, he reported that the gas smell was palpable when emergency services arrived. The rubble must now be lifted with heavy equipment. Inhabitants of neighboring houses were evacuated and taken to a safe place.

House explodes in North Rhine-Westphalia: several people are injured, some seriously – five people are still missing

Original message: Hemer – A multi-party building collapsed in an explosion in the Sauerland region of Hemer in North Rhine-Westphalia. A police spokeswoman said Friday night on request that three people were seriously injured and several others were slightly injured. The cause of the outbreak is still unclear. Five people are missing. The surrounding houses are currently evacuated. The fire brigade is on the scene of the rescue operation. Hemer is located near Iserlohn in the Märkisches Kreis. (dpa)

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