IN THIS LAND, the additional costs increase by 100 percent

07/07/2022 – 09:43

Who will pay for it?
Shocking News: The First Housing Company Increases Extra Costs by 100 Percent

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Thousands of Berliners have to adapt to the higher additional costs. Because the first housing company turns the price screw.

If you don’t want to freeze up, you have to pay a lot in Berlin. Because the first housing association increases additional costs by as much as 100 percent. Grounds.

Autumn may become a major financial challenge for tenants in Germany. Due to high energy prices, additional costs continue to rise. Single and family households sometimes have to reckon with a surcharge in the three-digit range. But for thousands of Berliners, the situation could even worsen: due to the current energy crisis, the Berlin housing association has increased the advances on additional costs by up to 100 percent.

Due to rising prices: The housing cooperative increases additional costs by 100 percent

Many Berliners should drop their jaws at this news. Because, according to the report, the Berlin-Mitte housing association would like to increase the advance payments for additional costs by up to 100 percent in the future, reports the Bild-Zeitung. About 31,000 gas and oil-heated homes are experiencing enormous price increases. Tenants who get heat from the network look a little less light. Here, the housing cooperative would like to increase the additional costs “only” by 60 percent.

However, the housing cooperative does not want to take money from tenants’ pockets with this drastic measure – quite the opposite. The increase serves as a security deposit in the event of further increases in electricity and heating costs. “To counteract the huge extra charges owed to our tenants, we are now making precautionary adjustments to our advances,” a company spokesman told the newspaper.

The tenants do not mind the increase. According to the housing association, there have been no complaints yet. The increase was calculated on the basis of recent utility bills which showed a clear difference between down payments and actual heating costs.

Can landlords increase additional costs?

As a rule, landlords may increase the advance payment for additional costs. Provided they have submitted a statement for the current year. If this results in significant increases and the tenant has to pay off all the money, landlords can increase the advances. They must be guided by current prices and consumption.


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Other housing associations may also increase costs or reduce other services in the future. To save energy, a Saxon housing association has recently been criticized for wanting to turn off hot water for its tenants.

But not only in Saxony, many places may run out of hot water: all over the country, many people may soon be in danger of a cold shower. The Hanseatic city of Hamburg also wants to turn off the hot water for its residents in the event of a gas shortage.

In order not to get that far at all, you should urgently save gas now. And it’s not even that hard. Because every minute you spend less in a warm shower, you save up to 0.4 kilowatt hour of gas, for example. When it comes to hot water, there are even more ways to save. We have summarized for you what it is: How to save hot water in a household.

Overall, a valuable water resource can be used more sparingly in everyday life. We will show you how:

Speaking of which: saving water is also a good idea when you go to the toilet. Read on how easy it is to do this.

You can also find many other useful tips and tricks on our clever Saving Tips thematic page.

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