Market concert: Neckarsulm welcomes you to the city again on Thursdays

Playing downtown again on Thursdays at die City: Allgäu Power members end this year’s Neckarsulm concert series on August 18th. Photo: Archive / Seidel

The city’s cultural series is gaining momentum. Neckarsulm combines its entire offer under the heading “Music is here”, invites you back to the cinema for the film art series from July, from October to “Neckarsulm Laughs” and to the theater – and of course again this summer for “Thursdays in the City”.

People miss culture

People miss events, this is how they feel responsible in the town hall – Frank Borth, head of the culture and sports department, or Claudia Panny, who deals with the promotion of culture and the cultural program. “People want culture,” says Frank Borth. The longing for the events was felt recently at the Eberwin Festival in Obereisesheim. But even a smaller event shows, according to the administration, how much people are looking forward to the change.

There was a special tour of Scheuerberg recently, says Frank Borth. Only 30 people could come, but many more would like to be there, the office manager is pleased with the reaction. While it looks good on the outside now, people are still reluctant to meet inside. Frank Borth describes the current demand for these types of events as “watch out.” It can affect comedy, theater and cinema. “We’ll have to wait and see how it develops,” he says.

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According to the doctors, the lawn at the Frankenstadion in Heilbronn needs nursing care.

These teams come to the pedestrian zone

The city administration, however, does not want to wait for better times, but pays advances for events. “Culture is part of the utilities utility,” says Frank Borth. For him, culture is “social cement” and something that defines the coexistence of the urban community. This includes the series of concerts “Thursdays in the City”, which takes place four times from July 28 at 19:00; with free admission. In his opinion, the event grew into an event far beyond the city limits. “Neckarsulm is known for that,” he says cheerfully.

Restaurateurs, winemakers and vendors are on board when the bands Bounce, Double Gun, Skameleon and again Allgäu Power play. The head of the office, Frank Borth, is convinced: these outdoor concerts in the pedestrian zone have “great marketing potential for the city”. This is also appreciated by the players on the pitch. While it can be heard elsewhere that restaurateurs are lacking, for example, staff, this is not a problem in this series. It is important that there are restaurateurs and winemakers. “The overall concept is coherent and coherent.”

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In Neckarsulm, the cityscape has changed in the redevelopment area.

Nowadays, it’s all about cinema, theater and comedy

The cult film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” from July 23 is once again part of the artistic film series that will begin on Saturday, July 16 “Green Tomatoes.” “Neckarsulm laughs” begins on October 15th with Lars Redlich who comes to the brewery with the “A little Lars must be” program. In mid-October, the subscription of the city theater is also starting: “Farewell Dinner” is on the calendar of events on Wednesday, October 12.

Despite Corona’s cancellation, subscribers remained loyal to the theater, a good 500 subscriptions were sold. “We have no layoffs,” reports Claudia Panny. On the contrary: the city recently said goodbye to subscription sales due to Corona requirements. Anyone who wanted to go to the theater had to buy a single-use ticket. This has given you new fans of the series. “We assume that additional subscribers will be added,” says Frank Borth. Lovers even go further: subscriptions will be sent out a little later this year, says Virgo’s Claudia. This irritated some who inquired about the show over the phone.

Here are the maps

Thursdays in the city are always well frequented. While there are plenty of parking spaces, for example in the Ballei parking lot, city officials ask you to come by bus or train. Registrations for drama series are available from the town hall on 07132 35366 or Comedy series events are sold through Reservix. Cinema tickets can be booked at Scala, 07132 2410 or All details about the Neckarsulm culture series:

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