Serenade Concert: The people of Oberndorf for citizens are celebrating their 20th anniversary – Oberndorf and its surroundings

Residents proudly present three playhouses for residents. Our photo shows some citizens for citizens and the mayor Hermann Acker in the center, flanked by the two nursery school principals Manuela Seelig (left) and Miriam Merz. Photo: wolf

On Friday, a special serenade concert awaited visitors at the footwear market.

Oberndorf – “We are the best at partying. The joint event also keeps the community together. ” With that, Robert Häring, head of Citizens for Citizens, should be right again. At the concert of serenades of the city band combined with the transfer to the city of the “Hansel and Gretel” theater, the mood could not be better, and there could be no more at the shoe market.

Full tables at the shoe market

Half an hour before the concert started, the rows of tables in the shoe market were largely occupied. While Häring insisted that the evening was not an anniversary event, the serenade was also an atmospheric birthday party. The head of the Green Cap has made a brief review of the last few years, and Mayor Hermann Acker has used his greeting to thank citizens for their tireless dedication.

Häring thanked all patrons, sponsors and helpers as well as the city and mayor of Acker, without whose support citizens for citizens would not be able to handle so many projects and actions. It was like a special steam train trip “Stadt unter Dampf”. “The mayor promised me: if something goes wrong, we’ll find a way. We could always count on the support of the city, city administration and the construction site. ”

He was active despite Corona

For two years, citizens for citizens have been somewhat slowed by the kronor, but have not been idle, Häring said, referring to the production of a green classroom for Lindenhof elementary school and the installation of a glowing Christmas tree on the Schillerhöhe.

Häring presented the latest project: three high-quality playhouses that will be set up in St. Raphael on Teckstraße, St. Häring thanked the Marion and Otto Biesenberger Foundation for their financial support and Modellbau Wilhelmi for their technical support.

I worked for half a year

“Our production team worked in the Guild of Fools workshop for six months and created a really good quality product,” he emphasized.

Following the opening of the city band marches chaired by Wolfgang Borho, Mayor Acker traced the development of citizens to citizens, “which could not be more positive – what a wonderful success.” He recalled the recognition of “great and exemplary work” by the Land of Baden-Württemberg in 2007. He was convinced that the three club rooms would be “powerful” with the joy of small houses.

The list of projects is long

Acker listed green caps projects and campaigns to illustrate the services citizens provide to citizens. And this list is very long indeed. “This made all the citizens of Oberndorf for citizens a permanent and indispensable institution in our civil society.”

The mayor also promised them future support. He thanked Häring for his commitment. He was always able to win over the city for citizens’ projects for residents.

music inspires

Michael Westinger, chairman of the city team, thanked the residents for their commitment, not only in the serenades, and was glad that after two years the city team could play this special evening.

The musicians heated the atmosphere with a colorful mixture of traditional marches and polkas and modern pop songs. When the playhouses were handed over to the city, enthusiastic kindergarten managers Manuela Seelig (St. Martin) and Miriam Merz (St. Raphael) took the opportunity to try out the seats.

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