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Ludwigshafen (ots) – How to build a bridge so that you can cross it and not collapse? Today, the children of the Hoppstädten-Weiersbach primary school devoted themselves to this topic and built their own bridges as part of the project “KiTec – children discover technology”. The event was attended by representatives of the KSB Foundation, Birkenfeld Ecological Campus and the Knowledge Factory. The KSB Foundation and the Knowledge Factory support technical education at the primary school in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach with regional sponsors, the Birkenfeld Ecological Campus of the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, the Birkenfeld National Park District and the Birkenfeld Business Development and Project Development Company. “Digitization and Climate Change: We are currently facing major technological challenges. Therefore, the enthusiasm and interest of children and adolescents in scientific and technical contacts should be aroused at an early stage. The KSB Foundation has been supporting young scientists in Germany for almost 60 years – we are also glad that we can contribute to this primary school together with our partners – says Gerhard Bugla, president of the KSB Foundation. The KSB Foundation supports with KiTec materials, which are regularly used in primary schools from 2020. So far, KiTec funds have provided support to 35 primary schools across the country. The environmental campus coordinates STEM education in the region. “Early and ongoing support for STEM students in primary education forms the basis of enthusiasm for technical and scientific assignments at school and later in working life. Only when we encourage the use of technology in childhood, can students ‘curiosity about the interrelationship of the environment grow,’ says Prof. dr hab. Henrik te Heesen, vice president of research at the University of Applied Sciences Trier.

Technology surrounds us and shapes our daily life: KiTec helps children satisfy their hunger for knowledge in the field of technology, understand technical relationships and become creative themselves with age-appropriate tool and material boxes. Barbara Fuss, Principal of Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Primary School, is thus extending STEM education in the school. “I am glad that today I can meet the people who support the project live. The technology area is creating its own area in the sub-framework for general science teaching, which is becoming more and more important For us, children should acquire basic basic knowledge from simple technical facts.Our goal is to get people to think and construct, and thus not only educate clean users, but also young researchers who approach phenomena with curiosity and explore them, ’emphasizes M. Zamieszanie. Meike Neidhart is an elementary school teacher and is enthusiastic about the project with third grade students.

The initiative at the primary school in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach is being carried out at the “MINT-Hub Rheinland-Pfalz”: The Ministry of Education of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Wirtschaftsinitiative Wissensfabrik have been promoting technical and digital education in primary and secondary schools together with other partners since 2019. Educational projects for the knowledge factory “IT2School – discover IT together” and “KiTec – children discover technology” are offered in schools in Rhineland-Palatinate. This shared commitment is paying off: knowledge factory projects are now used in 500 schools in Rhineland-Palatinate – in other words, one in three schools. In Rhineland-Palatinate, ‘regional sponsors’ such as the Birkenfeld Ecological Campus are coordinating the implementation of projects at local level. Project materials are financed by the Ministry of Education, the KSB Foundation and other partners. More information:

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“Wissensfabrik – Firmen für Deutschland eV” is an initiative of companies and foundations that are committed to good STEM education for children and young people and entrepreneurship in Germany. The nationwide network of German business has approximately 130 members from all sectors and sizes. The aim is to promote exchanges between business, educational institutions and science in order to strengthen Germany’s capacity for innovation. The non-profit association based in Ludwigshafen is involved in more than 3,000 educational partnerships for knowledge transfer and competence development in life sciences, technology, and economic thinking and action. One of the goals is educational projects for kindergartens and primary schools that have been developed together with scientific partners. In addition, the knowledge factory accompanies young entrepreneurs in the implementation of their business ideas through a mentoring program and the start-up initiative WECONOMY. The knowledge factory is a particularly effective organization: it received the Phineo seal of approval for its KiTec technology project. More at

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