Two people are still in mortal danger

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FROM: Kristina Koeller, Markus Klümper


After a house collapsed in a gas explosion in Hemer, two people are still in mortal danger. The cause is still unclear.

Updated on July 10, 12:58 pm: After an explosion in a townhouse in Hemer on Friday night, which killed a 57-year-old woman, a 32-year-old woman, and a 36-year-old man who were rescued from the rubble, they are in mortal danger. This was announced by the Märkisches Kreis police on Sunday afternoon. It will of course take some time to elucidate the cause with the support of experts.

Patch for July 10 at 9:01 am: On Friday night a woman (57) was killed in a gas explosion in Hemer. Two days after the house collapsed, cleanup work and police investigations are underway. The Federal Technical Assistance Agency and the fire brigade are on site to remove debris gradually and carefully. The Märkischer Kreis criminal police took over the leadership of the investigation on Saturday after it was determined that no missing persons were left under the rubble. The prosecutor’s office in Hagen is also involved in the investigation.

Patch for July 9 13:06: According to the police, the identity of the people recovered from the rubble has now been established. They are the inhabitants of a collapsed house in Hemer. The two seriously injured people are a 32-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man. The deceased is 57 years old.

Two residents were rescued from the rubble with serious injuries.  A woman was killed in the accident.
Two residents were rescued from the rubble with serious injuries. A woman was killed in the accident. © Markus Klümper

NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul was now at the scene of the accident to get his own picture of the crash. According to the report IKZ rescue work has been suspended.

Update July 9 at 10:26: The search for other victims is ongoing. A dilapidated house is removed layer by layer. According to information from IKZ However, the fire department does not currently assume that other people are buried under the rubble. First rescue dogs struck. However, the animals can no longer find the trace.

The identity of the woman found dead this morning is not yet certain. According WDR The Interior Minister of NRW and the Mayor of Hemer Christian Schweitzer visit the scene of the accident in the morning.

Patch on July 9 9:10: The home explosion in Hemer has now resulted in the first death toll. On Saturday morning, rescuers recovered a dead woman from the rubble. That’s what the police said. The rescuers managed to contact the buried person that night, but then broke up again.

Patch for July 9 6:25 am: After a house in Hemer exploded and collapsed on Friday night, a man and a woman were rescued alive from the rubble at night. Both are in mortal danger. Police reported it early Saturday morning. It is said that the identity of the two has yet to be clarified beyond doubt.

Lifeguards were loud against the man and woman DPA first medically on the spot, then wanted to take them both to the clinic. As reported by WDR, the emergency services assume that there are at least two other people under the rubble – the search is ongoing. Emergency services could have contacted one person in the meantime. But it was canceled again.

Hemer Explosion: The Race against Time Victims Search

The fire department, the THW and the police were on duty all night to race against time. Using heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes, they carefully removed the debris to find the missing person as quickly as possible.

After an explosion in an apartment building in Hemer, two people were buried late Friday night.  Debris is removed with heavy equipment.
At least three people were buried in an apartment building in Hemer on Friday night after an explosion. With heavy equipment, but carefully, the emergency services cleared the rubble – in a race against time. © Markus Klümper

On Friday evening, the situation at the scene of the accident was unclear for a long time – especially the number of missing and injured people. Loud DPA there were two injured people who were already recovered in the evening. One of the victims is seriously injured in the hospital, the other is apparently only slightly injured. Three of the eight inhabitants of the house were probably not home at the time of the collapse.

The police have seized the area and are securing it. Investigations into the cause of the explosion are ongoing – so far it was assumed that it was a gas explosion. The detonation also smashed the windows of neighboring houses. The structural engineer now has to explain how many houses have received. They will be evacuated that long, a police spokeswoman said that night

Hemer: House burst and collapse – several people are buried

Update, 23:15: Hemer – In Hemer-Westig (NRW), an apartment building on Fichtestrasse exploded and collapsed completely for reasons that are still unclear. The scale of the damage is huge. According to the police, the fire service (from 22:00) managed to save a total of four injured people near the house. One person was hospitalized with serious but not life-threatening injuries, and three people were slightly injured.

The search for missing persons continues. picture reports, citing Fire Department spokesman Hemer Andreas Schulte, that the fire department contacted the buried victims, but rescue is difficult.

Hemer: The explosion destroys the apartment building – several people are buried

According to our editorial office, there are three more people under the rubble. FROM Iserlohn County Newspaper (IKZ) writes that the rescue dogs from Iserlohn and Bochum could also pick out the traces of the fourth victim, with whom there has been no contact so far.

According to the fire department, eight people lived in the house, six were officially registered there.

The excavator is used to remove material. Reportedly, the emergency services assume that the search will last all night.

According to the police, neighboring residential buildings were evacuated – and the area was fenced off over a large area.

Hemer explosion: a fire department in a large-scale operation

The fire department operates on a large scale – reinforcements from all over the Märkisches Kreis rushed to the scene of the accident. The Federal Agency for Technical Assistance (THW) was also alerted as massive debris can only be moved with heavy equipment. An ADAC rescue helicopter has landed at Hemer-Westig – a strong police force is also on the scene.

Especially dramatically loud IKZ: Near the dilapidated house there is a ventilation apartment with eight patients who are addicted to artificial ventilation. Their building was disconnected from the power grid by an explosion. According to the report, the fans are currently powered by batteries. Patients may be taken to hospitals if the fire department cannot restore power in time.

The apartment building on Fichtestrasse in Hemer is in ruins after an explosion.
The apartment building on Fichtestrasse in Hemer is in ruins after an explosion. © Markus Klümper

Hemer: The explosion brings the house down

According to police, the exact cause of the explosion is unclear, but it was likely a gas explosion.

Debris as far as the eye can see: An apartment building in Hemer-Westig was destroyed by an explosion.
Debris as far as the eye can see: An apartment building in Hemer-Westig was destroyed by an explosion. © Markus Klümper

Loud picture According to preliminary findings by the police, the leaking gas could have caused an explosion. The gas was still leaking when the firefighters arrived. Flames have also been reported.

Explosion in Hemer: main alarm – fire department and THW in action

We will keep you updated

It was only on Tuesday that the fire service in Iserlohn was on a large scale: the farm in Kesbern burned down – the damage is enormous.

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