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Tim Bendzko, the concert in Lustgarten was your first concert at a foster house in Potsdam. But have you moved on in the meantime?
Yes, I moved a little further to Brandenburg. But I still feel like Potsdamer. It was the first show here since moving to Potsdam three years ago.

With what feelings do you enter the city that until recently was home?
It is exciting. I pass Lustgarten almost every day. The show was a bit crazy, because three years ago I was lying at home in Potsdam in the evening trying to sleep and all the time listening to Adel Tawila singing …

This was the case at the last city works festival.
Exactly. He played relatively late (laughs). And then, for fun, I thought: I have to perform here next year. After that, it was really fun that the request for the Stadtwerkefest 2020 came along. Having fun at home is always something special. The whole family is there and you have a lot more thinking than at any other concert.

20th Stadtwerke Festival in Potsdam
1 of 11Photo: Thilo Rückeistoday 08:12Singer Tim Bendzko lived in Potsdam for several years. He was on stage Saturday night.

So Tim Bendzko still has the family contact point in Potsdam?
Part of the family lived in Potsdam anyway, so it’s not like I’ve never been to Potsdam before. I have a relationship with Babelsberg in particular.

Was that also a reason to choose Potsdam as your foster home in 2019?
It was obviously a very good side effect, and that family was there too. But it was actually a complete coincidence that I moved here. I happened to be here once because I wanted to go for a walk here. I just liked it here. Until then, I lived on the other side of Berlin in Rüdersdorf. A little later, I was looking for an apartment – and after seeing apartments in Berlin, I thought: no, Berlin, it will not work. Then I searched the internet, found three apartments in Potsdam, called them one – went there, looked, moved in.

Are there places in Potsdam that are important to you?
The New Garden is always a pleasure. Besides, I’m at the Zanotto restaurant every other day and it’s always good there. So if you want to meet me somewhere in Potsdam, go there.

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What makes Potsdam special to you?
It’s the perfect combination of a bit of a big city – but not too much. I have everything I need here. If I want to go shopping, I can do it here. There are good restaurants and the connection is also good. And this in combination with all the parks and how it all looks – Potsdam is one of the most beautiful cities I know.

Musically, you are now following a two-year hiatus from Corona. Are all the live shows now being caught up, like the 2020 Stadtwerkefest show?
This summer we are catching up on concerts that are taking place outside. Very few shows have been added this year. And everything that should happen inside will not be made up for.

On Friday, a new Bendzko song “Love Life Again” was released.Photo: Thilo Rückeis

Still due to uncertainty about how to deal with the pandemic?
Due to uncertainty as to how to proceed. I think it will take a while for things to sort out. If you look at social media, there seems to be a perfect world with big events like Rock am Ring or Rock im Park, Coldplay here, Rolling Stones over there. But the opposite is true. If someone on our team gets a Corona, we can’t play. The day before, at each concert, we don’t have a full crew, because there are simply no staff left.

Do you also deal with it musically this time?
My new song “Love Life Again” came out on Friday. This already relates to the feeling you’ve had for the past two years. I have the impression that this may be a preview of what awaits us in ten years: that we will only look at our cell phones and meet only digitally. In that respect, that the pandemic has made it clear what we are headed for was quite good. And I have the impression that some have realized that we do not want this. It would be nice if we felt it.

The interview was conducted by Kay Grimmer

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