“Waterwoman”: a review of a nature documentary on television and on the Internet

“Up close with the Azores sharks”: When and where to watch a rerun of the nature documentary “Water Woman” of Sunday (July 10, 2022), whether on TV or online in the media library, read here in the news. de.

On Sunday (7/10/2022) at 19:15 “Waterwoman” was broadcast on television. You have a nature document with you ARD did you miss it and still want to see episode 1 of season 1 (“up close with the Azores sharks”)? Check out the ARD media library. There you will find numerous post-broadcast TV broadcasts online as video on demand for streaming. As a rule, you will find the program online after it is broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no reruns of ARD on linear TV in the near future.

“Waterwoman” on TV: This is what “Up close with Azores sharks” is about

In the four-part NDR series “Waterwoman”, Germany’s most successful diver, Anna von Boetticher, visits regions shaped by water. It’s less about the usual diving and underwater subjects. B. Great Barrier Reef, but about the diversity of waters on earth. What does water mean in different places? How do people live with water? Through the film, viewers experience different places through the eyes of Anna, who reveals herself to them with one breath. Because Anna von Boetticher has set 34 German records in her sport, freediving. On her own, she dived to 81 meters. Once she held her breath for six minutes. In the Azores, Anna von Boetticher visits the islands of Faial, Santa Maria and Pico, where she sets up camp at the foot of Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain. Off the coast of Pico Island, Anna jumps into the water without hesitation and joins the group of blue sharks. At first, wild animals looking for food are shocking. But Anna is experienced enough to know that she does not fit into the victim pattern of these animals. And he knows the three golden rules for dealing with sharks: wear clothing on all parts of the body, look the shark in the eye, do not actively touch it, but push it by the nose if it comes too close. From Anna and the local underwater cameraman Nuno Sa, we learn that animals are not hunters in relation to humans, but prey. Millions of sharks are caught from the ocean each year and used, among other things, in shark fin soup. Ruthlessly hunted animals with which Anna has close contact. Nuno and Anna hope that in the future people will come only to see sharks that are worth more alive than dead Ecotourism modeled on the Bahamas or the Galapagos. Anna von Boetticher also meets the majestic mobula rays at the legendary Princess Alice Bank dive site in the middle of the Atlantic. A unique adventure, because Anna only “hitchhikes” to Princess Alice Bank. You need luck, patience and courage to experience Mobul. The crossing to this point in the open ocean, 80 kilometers from the Azores, is only possible in perfect weather. But even then, there is a powerful current around the underwater volcano that could suddenly strike Anna. Then she would disappear into the ocean. But Anna’s courage is rewarded, she flows as close to the group of mobula rays as if she were part of the family. Animals accept her in their surroundings because Anna resembles a sea creature: she has no blisters and does not look as technical as ordinary divers. But Anna can only stay for about two minutes, and then the stimulus to breathe forces her to come to the surface. Your diaphragm vibrates and your legs get heavier as they are no longer being supplied with oxygen. Anna also meets two whalers, Antero Soares and Umberto Nunes, two men in their eighties who hunted whales from rowing boats in their prime and quartered them ashore. This was perfectly normal in the Azores 50 years ago. Today, Antero is still looking for whales: when he sees animals blowing through his telescope, he reports them to the tourist boat control center so visitors can approach the animals in sight. On the island of Santa Maria, Anna learns from Mayor Pepe Brix, who is currently renovating an old windmill, that the Azores are the target of outcasts. High-speed internet has been around for a long time, making the islands in the Atlantic a place of longing for many who want to live in the wild here but still want to be connected to the world. (Source: ARD, broadcast on FUNKE program magazines)

“Aquatic Warbler” on TV: all information at a glance

Consequence: 1 / Season 1 (“Up close with the Azores Sharks”)

theme: Up close with Azores sharks

in: ARD

year of production: 2022

length: 45 minutes

HD: Yes

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