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Wide feet I also need wide shoes. That doesn’t mean you have to automatically resort to clunky medical treads. We present 4 footwear trends in which it does not matter how wide your feet are.

Everyone knows their shoe size. But can you spontaneously tell me your shoe size? Not? Then you are like most people. Find out here why it is worth considering the width of the shoe when buying and which shoes are perfect for wide feet.

Wide feet: these trends suit you

Each foot is unique. To find out how unique you need to know a few metrics about them. Picture: IMAGO / addictive stock

What is the width of the shoe?

It is important for you Don’t confuse the width of the shoe with the width of the shoe. The width of the shoe is determined by the so-called bale size calculated. It is the circuit between the tip of the big finger and the tip of the little finger.

this just the right shoe size is not enough for the perfect shoe. Anyone who thought they found the perfect shoe, but then realized they were in a shoe slipping uncomfortably but tapping your fingers can confirm this.

The problem starts behind childhood on. For example, the German Footwear Institute (DSI) points out that 98% of babies are born with healthy feet will be; however, suffer in adulthood 60% of people suffer from foot damage. This is often caused by inappropriate shoes.

These shoes are perfect for wide feet

Leather I guarantee perfect shoe sizebecause the material flexible is and conforms to the foot when worn. Another feature of our feet is that The volume of the feet increases during the day with the increasing load on the feet.

This strength varies from person to person. So it can happen that the shoes that evening bought, they seem too big the next morning. Shoes bought in the morning turn out to be too tight in the evening.

The skin expands when exposed to heat and stressshrinks again as it cools down.

rule of thumb: Leather shoes for buy all day rather in the morningspecial Evening shoes rather towards the evening. The shoes should fit you, not you. Today, there are footwear brands that specialize in wide feet.

In these three online stores you will find shoe brands that are also suitable for wide feet:

All stars for all feet

The Chuck Talyor All Star Classic is now available in both high (high) and low (low cut) versions in customizable versions. You can choose not only color, logo, laces etc as you need, but also “wide cutMark with a cross. You can find the filter under All Sneakers> Shoe Width. Wide handles are located on the front of the ball 15mm and 6mm on the rear further than the usual models.

Anyone who says, “Oh, I’ll cut them down” should think about it. Because it’s for the right shoe for every type of foot.

Wide shoes make the feet slim

Interestingly, shoes make feet slimmer only when if they really look too big. The current trends in summer shoes can really help you with this. Birkenstock and Co. are best known for their chunky cut. In it, your wide feet look narrower than they really are.

Also sandals for the summer can make feet slim if chunky. Here is an example: Women’s sandals Remonte D4063 for 54 € 🛒

If you don’t want to do without trends, you can take a look at Birkenstock, Clogs and Dr. take a look at the Martenses. These shoes either offer additional models for wider feet or are well-suited to them due to the material. Gone are the days when there was no choice for big or wide feet, thank god.

Conclusion: Wide feet, no problem!

What should I do with all the shoes I have bought this way before I found out about the width of the shoe? Most of them sit for a while too tight so I rarely wear them. Throw it away? Absolutely no way! First of all, of course, any shoemaker can professionally help and widen the shoes.

A bit Do-it-yourself secret trick but is this one: Thick Wool socks moistened with vodka (Water is also available if needed). The socks should be well moistened but not dripping water. Then slip into those tight shoes with these socks on. (If you are bothered by the feeling of damp wool, you can put a freezer bag or plastic bag on your foot first, and then put on socks.)

It is enough to put on shoes for a few hours – through The material becomes flexible when exposed to moisture and stretched by continual movement and adapted to the foot. Made, perfectly fitting shoes with an individual shoe size!

More shoes?

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