A concert where age doesn’t really matter

Free time: The iconic Saga band from Canada at Wertheim Castle

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A musical feast: the iconic band Saga from Canada carried away the audience at Wertheim Castle. Photo: Günter Herberich

Photo: Günter Herberich

The iconic Canadian band Saga warmed Wertheim Castle on Sunday evening with its sound that has stood the test of time. Musicians have been on the scene for 45 years. It was only the second time that they found themselves within the venerable walls of Wertheim Castle. As part of the “A night to remember” tour, they felt at home here.

For many of the 800 fans it was an evening with friends. An old T-shirt was taken from the tour and remembered. You didn’t stand close to each other, there was still room and that was good tonight. Vocalist Michael Sadler, who now speaks surprisingly good German, wished everyone a good time in Wertheim and talked about how they wandered around the old town in the afternoon and had two beers. This is what fans are celebrating with “Be careful where you step.”

45 years of stage experience

Saga is 45 years of stage experience, several legendary hits and a sound that stands the test of time. “In 1977 we played our first gig, incredible,” said the lead singer. With Jim Gilmour on keyboards, Dusty Cheserfield (bass, Moo keys, Ian Crichtong (guitar) and drummer Mike Thorne gave a brilliant good concert. The drummer is celebrating ten years on stage with Saga this year. a percussion solo that fans have been waiting for for a long time.

They are in constant euphoria, they play their favorite songs and sing together to »On the Loose«.

Neo-threshold rockers can get by for years, but that doesn’t hurt their enthusiasm for playing in the moat. In addition, their fans turned out to be extremely textual. Not only with »Nobody Can Stop Me Now«.

One of them is Matthias from Mannheim. Armed with his 1992 tour T-shirt, he stood like a stone in the waves, his feet tapping to the beat and enjoying himself. With his long black hair and build, he could be the twin brother of comedian Bülent Celylan. “But I’m not,” he smiled.

“Great atmosphere”

It was his 44th Saga concert, the first at Wertheim Castle. “Great atmosphere here. They just make timeless music and are great instrumentalists, ”he marveled, getting to the bottom of why Saga still has so many fans of all ages.

A bit of classics sailed across the moat during Time to Go. In addition to Sadler, Jim Gilmour also showed his singing skills on the microphone. “Days like these” and “Scratching the Surface” provided other attractions. Sadler switched bass to “Humble Stance” and also remembered the times when he “took a little vacation and Rob Moratti replaced him as the band’s lead singer from 2008 to 2011.” “Rob played a lot of my songs back then, now I’ll do it in his honor,” announcing “Step Inside”. Time passed, three songs later we went to the block for an encore. Now came the song that almost everyone in the audience was waiting for: ‘Blow him up.’ The band’s showpiece, which is not missing at any concert, the response was appropriate. It was one of those gigs where age doesn’t matter.

The audience left a blissful impression, got carried away by the band’s joy of playing, and were immediately on the scene as Sadler led the crowds, spoke to them and danced around the stage. It’s hard to believe that he turned 68 last week.


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