BVG for 29 euros or a mandatory ticket for everyone?

The 9 euro ticket is a great success. By the end of June, some 21 million special tickets had already been sold nationwide. The program expires at the end of August. But what will come after that? Politicians are thinking loudly about supplementary packages, consumer ombudsmen are demanding tickets for 29 euros. Above all, the demands of the federal government come from Berlin, but also considerations for a mandatory ticket.

Berlin Environment and Transport Senator Bettina Jarasch (Greens) expects the federal government to come up with proposals for further solutions quickly. “I can see Minister Wissing is obliged to present the states with a discounted nationwide complementary ticket for public transport,” she told a German news agency on Monday.

Senator Jarasch: Transport Minister Wissing “must not stop the train”

“Citizens have shown us impressively that they use public transport when there are suitable offers,” continued Jarasch. No other aid measure reached citizens as directly as the 9 euro ticket. “The transport minister must not stop this train now.”

On the one hand, the federal minister of transport, Volker Wissing (FDP), who was approached, does not want it at all and spoke in a press interview about “a great success” and “the best idea for rail transport in a very long time”. “. On the other hand, in the same interview, he again pointed out that, first of all, the experience with the 9 euro ticket should be carefully assessed. “Then we will draw the necessary conclusions from the fall,” announced Wissing.

But the most important lesson for Wissing is this: complicated tariff zones should be abolished. “We should finally find a way to end the tangle of tariffs in Germany.” Then, according to the FDP policy, buses and trains would automatically become more attractive.

Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD), which developed the country plus ticket concept, is now close to Wissing’s simplification idea. The current tariff mosaic will be replaced by eight overlapping metropolitan areas.

But what about the cost? So far, Wissing’s friend from the FDP party, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner, said the € 9 ticket could not be financed after August. Wissing also says: “It’s clear to everyone that the federal government cannot finance this in the long run. That would be around ten billion euros a year. ‘ But which options below full funding would be possible?

Suggestions go crazy

Since the federal government is not getting involved, suggestions are made joyfully and pressure is exerted. Conveniently, the VCD also gave the prices of its concept. Subscriptions for trips around agglomerations should cost from 30 to 75 euro per month.

Some make it much easier. The Federal Association of Consumer Advice has recently suggested that tickets should in future be offered for € 29 instead of € 9. And there is great disagreement in the parties. Especially wild are the proposals for the Berlin Greens.

Green mobility politician Oda Hassepaß from the House of Representatives in Berlin made a statement of support for consumer centers. “I am in favor of the 29 euro ticket,” quotes Tagesspiegel Hassepass. You now need to boldly move forward to create the mobility twist.

Will the 20 Euro compulsory ticket come after the 9 Euro ticket?

But the Berlin Greens have even more to offer. Just a few weeks ago, Transport Senator Jarasch said on the sidelines of the event: “I am thinking more and more about a solidarity date of € 15 to € 20 a month for all Berliners.” This would be a must-have ticket for everyone.

How does it fit together? What is the party’s decision? When asked on Monday in the Green-dominated Senate Transport Administration, it was said that they very much agreed with MEP Hassepass’s comments. Anything that exerts pressure at the federal level is welcome. After all, that’s where you have to make decisions.

At the same time, the traffic administration adheres to the principle: lowering the price alone cannot be the goal. Instead, you have to invest heavily in quality.

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