Ebay Classifieds is Renaming: To celebrate, there are new Buy Now features

Virtual flea market
Announcements end with Ebay: New name and Buy Now features announced

Ebay used to be: the most popular German website is now just “Kleinanzeige”.

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Millions of bargain hunters have to get used to it: the adverts on eBay no longer exist, henceforth Germany’s most popular website is only called “Kleinwerbung.de”. To celebrate, new features have arrived at the top.

Ebay classifieds is the largest classifieds website in Germany. From June 2021, the portal no longer belongs to the online auction house, but to the Norwegian group Adevinta. The virtual flea market now draws a visible line under the past: Ebay classifieds become classified ads. The conversion goes hand in hand with the new domain “Kleinanzeige.de”, a fresh brand image and a new logo. Classified ads, however, want to take their time, the process will last until 2024, the company said star.

What are eBay classifieds without eBay?

Paul Heimann, CEO of Classified Ads as follows: “We asked ourselves what would eBay classifieds be without eBay – the answer is simple: Ads. The new, old name is also a promise to our users – we will remain what they stand for today. ”

Classifieds, however, will not miss this big step without major changes for site visitors. A feature called “Buy Direct” will be added to the market in the coming weeks, which will resemble the popular Buy Now option on eBay.

No more “What’s the last price”!

Interestingly, classified ads optionally remove an essential part of the page: communication with other people. The company writes: “You should speed up buying or selling on the platform by using” Buy Direct “. Sellers who post offers with a fixed price allow interested parties to purchase directly – without prior negotiations or contact. safe way without hesitation. “

Classified ads use the already developed “secure payment” function, which enables the processing of payments within the platform and protects against fraud attempts.

More security, less data

Overall, the adverts seem to focus on ongoing scams and scams. Two other big changes are waiting for platform users: the phone number should no longer appear in offers, and the field to enter this contact option will be removed. If you like, you can enter the number in the ad text, but it will no longer appear under your account name. The company explains that the advantages and disadvantages of phone numbers have been considered and it was decided against the background of massive waves of frauds via third-party messaging services such as Whatsapp that it was better to delete the information.

In addition, the classified ads are intended to increase account protection and therefore will introduce risk-based two-factor authentication in the coming weeks. This means: Whenever sign-in attempts show anomalies, such as a significantly different location, account owners are asked to verify using a second factor, such as email.

This is to prevent scammers from hijacking accounts that buyers particularly trust due to their long history and good ratings. Many times, such accounts become the target of hackers who wish to abuse their reputation for their own purposes.

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