EUR 3.3 million for the old town and railway area – Tauberbischofsheim

Tauberbischofsheim / Lauda-Koenigshofen. “We are investing in sustainable urban infrastructure for municipalities in the Stuttgart County,” said district president Susanne Bay as she passed the grant notices to Mayor Anette Schmidt and Mayor Dr. Łukasz Brown. A total of EUR 3.3 million will flow to the Main-Tauber district as funds for urban development.

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Urban development finance supports the sustainable structural renewal and development of cities and communities in the state. Its purpose is to mobilize significant private and public investments and to unleash economic impulses that should create and secure jobs on a large scale.

On Saturday, Susanne Bay, President of Stuttgart County, made three decisions: One of € 1.4 million Anette Schmidt, mayor of the city Tauberbischofsheimas well as two further calls for a total amount of EUR 1.9 million for dr. Lukas Braun, mayor of the city Lauda-Koenigshofen. Federal and state governments support Tauberbischofsheim and Lauda-Königshofen through the Growth and Sustainable Renewal program and the rehabilitation program.

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“Both cities are affected by economic change and structural change. Co-financing helps to develop areas in a future-oriented way and to give existing and traditional use a new function. It also makes an important contribution to the social cohesion of the citizens who live there, ”said the President of Bay District.

1.1 million for Lauda station

The city of Lauda-Königshofen will receive 1.3 million euros for the revitalization of the city “railway area”. This will support the modernization of the former entrance hall of the Lauda train station, renewal of roads and demolitions to open up other properties. As part of the renovation activities “Eisenbahnvorstadt / Hexenstock” in the district of Königshofen, the city will receive 600,000 euros to renovate the land for development and create a modern living space through new construction, conversion and modernization.

With the new measure “Lower Old Town III”, the city of Tauberbischofsheim continues the urban renewal of the old town and surrounding areas. The measure is to create a vibrant city center and an attractive living and working environment. Design and energy modernization of public and private buildings is planned, including renovation and redesign of the town hall without barriers. Another important measure is the redesign of the “south city entrance” south of the Tauber to Stadthalle bridge between Tauber and Vitryallee. The area has an important local recreational function that is to be further developed.

“We are delighted to be part of the Baden-Württemberg renovation program again. I am particularly pleased that we can now proceed with the planning of the redevelopment of the “Stadteingang Süd” area between Stadthalle and Tauberbrücke. The area is to be redesigned and modernized in terms of ecology. The aim is to create a quality stay with attractive living spaces for people and animals. This is another huge step towards transforming Tauberbischofsheim into a friendly and pleasant city with a high level of attractiveness, said Mayor Anette Schmidt cheerfully.

New quarters

And the mayor, Dr. Lukas Braun explained: “We appreciate two generous additions to the urban areas of Lauda and Königshofen by the state. In Lauda, ​​we particularly care about the progress in the road development of the railway area around the new suburban parking lot and promoting the reconstruction of the historic building tissue by private investors. This creates a completely new quarter in a central location at a regional railway junction. In Königshofen, in the conversion area “Eisenbahnvorstadt / Hexenstock”, you can already see the modernization through the conversion of the Eisenbahnstraße. Here, the conversion of the building stock towards housing construction is to be promoted in a targeted manner in order to create space for young families. Lauda-Königshofen shows that the funds for urban redevelopment are well invested and result in multiple private investments ”.

The Stuttgart Regional Council has approved financial aid of € 85.87 million for 115 regeneration activities from the 2022 Urban Revitalization Program for cities and municipalities in the administrative district.

Of these, 94 are updates to current remedies and 21 are approved for new remedies. The 2022 city revitalization program has been exceeded many times throughout the country.

About 550 ongoing regeneration activities are currently managed in the Stuttgart administrative district.

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