Giant Rooks play their ‘Rookery’ set outdoors at Westfalenpark, Dortmund and a Dylan cover

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FROM: Achim Lettmann


A dynamic start to an outdoor evening in Dortmund: The Giant Rooks with Fred Rabe and Luca Göttner on bass. © Robert Szkudlarek

They are known all over the world for their indie pop. The Giant Rooks played their first major open air concert in Dortmund on Sunday. 6000 visitors were enthusiastic. Summer feeling.

Dortmund – “We’ve never played as long as today,” says Fred Rabe, and he’s moved – also a bit overwhelmed. At the moment, the frontman and Giant rooks they have done their best to offer the audience an immersive musical experience. In Dortmund’s Westfalenpark, they celebrated their first open-air headliner with 6,000 enthusiastic spectators. The quintet, which became a band in Hamm, played songs from their “Rookery” tour for almost two hours, always in long versions. “Into Your Arms” has become a great live number. Towards the end of the ballad, the powerful music leads to the chorus of “We try”. It is a way of life and a collective effort that is discussed here. In the red fog of great movement on the stage Fred Rabe (vocals), Finn Schwieters (guitar), Jonathan Wischniowski (synthesizer), Luca Göttner (bass) and Finn Thomas (drums) as a dynamic unit. Their international sound, which they used on their tour with a sense of timing and rhythm succeeded, Dortmund concentrates on the theme, with exuberant joy, presenting sophisticated ideas of his music, and even letting go of them. It’s a celebration! This musical skill ensures that they will return to the festival at the end of the year United States travels where the next trip with the Giant Rooks is planned.

During the “home game” in Dortmund, lights were on on cell phones “We all are”. Fred sits at the piano and plays with the utmost devotion. “Take, take, take my hand” replies the audience, alternating with the head of the Giant Rooks. There is no false representation here, no gestures of it, nothing off the shelf. You can see that Fred absorbs this ovation very much. Much more emotions do not go outdoors. If it is still cold at such moments, it is worth spending the night in the park.

Today, everyone goes beyond their limits. Apart from “Mia and Keira (Days to Come)” will be a high-tempo party hit. Finn (guitar) and Luca (bass) duel like old rock heroes when guitar frets cross. These are pleasure poses with a touch of self-mockery. They both play on the bridge in the middle of the audience. “We are proud of you” is written on the countless cardboard plates (in English) that fans kicked out during the song “Morning Blue”. Much like “Bedroom Exile”, the new track is on the set list this evening. Even though the song was officially released on Friday and on 1 Live was heard on the radio, everyone already knows him.

FROM “Nightingales of the Walled City” rookies launch a rhythm rocket. Jonathan sets a spherical volume, Finn creates a flickering sound with cymbals, and the audience crouches. To wonderful! roar everyone jumps up and the dance number picks up pace again.

Play with giant rooks. Is Flower from fans. The audience’s hands waved back and forth. Year after year, the team shows that the expectations placed on them are again exceeded. They want to play Dortmund again in 2023.

Which young team came out better than the Giant Rooks out of the crown pandemic? Whether it’s a live concert, covers (“Life on Mars”), “Rookery Live Tapes” or around the world Tiktok excitement “Tom’s Diner” from AnnenMayKantereit, they all left their mark. Interest in Giant Rooks’ often epic music, their rhythmic strategies, reflected lyrics, and hymn moments grows.

The band’s recognition has increased in the music industry. The Mighty Oaks played it Help in the Westphalian Park. Their powerful guitars and folk sound were well received in Dortmund. In 2017, the Giant Rooks were the inauguration of the Berlin band at a concert in Bielefeld.

Both teams went together in Dortmund Filina Sonny (“Lose Yourself”) – the first support for Mighty Oaks – took the stage and sang “We Shall Be Released” by Bob Dylan and The Band. FROM cover of the song it was not practiced until noon. The classic was made with a hymn and with a lot of warmth of heart. All eleven joined their arms and stood in a row. The feeling of making music together and living for the music you love is the message of this concert.

Finally, dancing again. Watershed is a great ending. And at dusk, the summer night has something magical about it. Everyone suspects that these are hundreds of concerts … novices I already played but there was something special.

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