Guitarist Fritz Puppel talks to a fan in the middle of the song

Zörbig / MZ – Mario Schroeder still can’t believe it. The driver from Plauen in Saxony was already a fan of the iconic City team at the age of 14. “At some point you realize that not only are we getting older, but also the team. When it was said the City would close at the end of 2022, it was still a shock, he says. Next Sunday, July 10, the 55-year-old goes to Zörbig with other members of the city’s fan club “Grenzenlos”. The cult band will play “The Last Round” at the Festwiese at 20:00 as part of their farewell tour.

The iconic band City is a guest in Zörbig: the fan club has participated in several concerts

Two weeks ago, Schroeder and some club members were already in Landsberg. In “Goldenen Löwen,” the old rockers made the hall tremble again. City and Landsberg – this is a very special relationship. For 46 years the band has been performing regularly in Anhalt-Bitterfeld, a town abroad – since then, according to the fan club, there have been 80 to 90 concerts. It’s completely different in Zörbig, where the fan club will have a strong presence with 15 to 20 members.

City has never played for Zörbig, of course – at least strictly speaking. Because in the year of foundation 1972 she gave a concert in the Cösitz park, today the district of Zörbig. In the audience: 18-year-old Hilmar Trapiel. He was the guitarist of the band Prokyon A (after a star in the constellation of dogs), which makes music to this day. “At that time, the band was still called City Rockband, and of the permanent line-up that followed, only Fritz Puppel and Klaus Selmke, who unfortunately left in the meantime, were there as the founders of the band,” says Trappiel.

Cult band City as a guest in Zörbig: Guessing the Guitar by Fritz Puppel

As a guitarist, he paid special attention to the instruments while performing on a small stage. “Look,” he said to his friend and drummer Wolfgang Weichold. “The doll plays Jolanda.” Jolanda is the name of a Czech replica of the famous American Gibson guitars. “Fritz Puppel addressed us in the middle of the game and corrected, ‘No, it’s a Gibson’.” So the musician heard the audience comment despite the music. “You can imagine how quiet it was back then compared to today’s gigs.”

When in the City’s later years, as with many bands, keyboard sounds came to the fore, Trapiel’s interest faded somewhat. “I’m more of a fan of handmade music.” However, the relationship with Zörbig’s concert is close. Because Elmar’s son is with his party company together with the concert organizer Zörbiger FC, which reportedly sold around 3,000 tickets. There, Trappiel could also meet Mario Schroeder as a fan from the very beginning.

He came to City because “I’m a rock fan and I can understand the lyrics.” Although the idols are mature, they have not lost any of their fascination. “Of course you also hear other music. But these are our boys, he says. This may also be due to the fact that City were the top stars in the GDR that also performed in the West. No wonder then that in the club “Grenzenlos” there is also “Wessis”, the only one that the city recognizes. Almost 60 members have their roots not only in the East, but also in Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. “We’re a colorful group, we just don’t have overseas fans,” says Voigtland’s Schroeder.

City: the iconic GDR band with a visit to Zörbig: the youngest fan club is twelve years old

Rockers’ music continues to electrify generations. The oldest member of the club is 72 years old, the youngest is only twelve – infected by his parents with the city virus. The fan club does not sit “by the window” at concerts, but stands in the front row. Musicians and fans know each other. “We have die-hard fans who attend 21 concerts a year and pay thousands of euros for it.” After the shows, the band devotes time to their fans. Back then, Toni Krahl, Fritz Puppel, Georgi Gogow and Manfred Hennig are “quite normal” – stars without air.

Musicians and fans united: The city’s fan club “Grenzenlos” has been in existence since 2005. Landsberg has become a musical home for members.

Photo: Fan club

Officially, however, the fan club does not want to say goodbye to City in Zörbig, but in Thale on September 2. What happens when the final lap of the City is over? “In any case, there is no indication that the fan club will also stop. The music will remain. “

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