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Inflation has been at its highest level in decades for months. Many people want tax cuts and price controls to ease this burden – not just in Germany.

Frankfurt am Main.

According to the poll, high inflation is currently the biggest worry for the people of Germany. In a survey conducted by the insurer Allianz, published on Monday, more than half (57%) of a good 1,000 respondents cited inflation as the topic that occupies them the most in their choice.

In France, too, 57 percent of those polled mentioned inflation, but where nearly 62 percent say so, healthcare is the most pressing issue for people. According to the survey, Italians are primarily concerned about jobs and the general economic situation (71.7%), and in terms of price changes (43.3%), they are only fourth.

There is broad agreement among 3,137 respondents from the three largest economies in the euro area that the governments concerned should take action to mitigate the effects of much higher inflation. According to the rating, only less than five percent think doing nothing is the best option.

Tax cuts desired

In all three states, a relative majority of around 30 percent of those polled are in favor of tax cuts, for example on energy and food products, to ease the burden on consumers in the face of soaring prices. In Germany, 27.7 percent would like it. Almost every fifth person in these three states would welcome the control and reduction of electricity prices, e.g. in Germany 18.2 percent. A good nine percent opted for targeted support to households in need due to high inflation.

According to preliminary official data, consumer prices in Germany in June were down 7.6 percent. higher than in the same month last year. In the euro area, the annual inflation rate rose to a record 8.6% in June. Higher inflation rates reduce the purchasing power of consumers because they can then afford less for one euro. Significant increases in energy and food prices have been the main drivers of inflation for months.

When it comes to assessing the current economic situation and economic outlook, pessimism prevails in all three economies in the Allianz survey. In all three countries, a total of a good two-thirds of those polled rate the current situation as “fairly bad” or “bad”. The percentage of pessimists in Germany is still the lowest at just over 56 percent. In France and Italy, it is over 70 percent. Looking ahead, the percentage of people who rate the economic outlook as “very good” or “fairly good” in Germany (34.7%) is higher than in France (19.7%) and Italy (17.1%). percent). (dpa)

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