Kyereh: “For a long time it wasn’t clear to many if I just wanted to have fun.”

He was in great demand, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh gave the contract to SC Freiburg. The Ghana international talked to the kicker about the reasons for the change, himself as a late starter, a much-loved and less-liked position, the key to adapting to the Bundesliga and the World Cup.

“So it worked out very well in all respects.” – Daniel-Kofi Kyereh.
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Thiemo Müller reports from the training camp in Freiburg in Schruns

Even though Kyereh was not used in the test match against St. On Saturday, due to load control, Gallen was able to enjoy his training-free Monday like his colleagues in the beautiful Montafon. Only in the evening there is an obligatory date. Summer contract with FC St. Pauli, for whom he scored twelve goals and handed out ten assists in the 2021/22 season, will give a first impression of how the video analysis session with Christian Streich and company works. The Ghana representative spoke to the kicker about …

… his decision to surrender: “I was definitely lucky and privileged to have some Bundesliga perspectives. I listened to everything and had discussions. SC Freiburg made me feel very good right from the start. It was a very warm first video interview with Klemens Hartenbach and Jochen Saier. A week later I was invited to Friborg, it was again a very warm meeting, for the first time also with the coach. It made me even more positive than what I heard or saw on TV “As far as the content is concerned, there were a lot of good aspects: the way the team of trainers assessed me and my development potential was practically identical to how I I see myself. It was a very good fit in all respects. I think I walk very well here.

… moving to a Europa League club instead of a promoted team: – This is by far the biggest step in my career so far, the biggest task and the biggest club I have been able to play for. The Premier League has always been my goal, my wish, my dream. I am glad that me and SC Freiburg are making this possible for me now. As a bonus, I also have an international share. Of course, I thought about it for a long time: maybe a smaller step would be a safer step? But I strive for it And I strive for myself. I believed very quickly in the conversations that I too could take this step and settle here in the best possible way. I’m of good football age so Freiburg was the best step.

… his career path: The term “late start” refers to me. Three and a half years with TSV Havelse in the Regional League is a relatively long time to get into the Bundesliga later. Ultimately, however, it was a good and important time for me. I am a little later than others have accepted and understood being a professional. From a purely football point of view, I could have taken a step earlier. But as a person, it was better to make decisions more confidently and clearly with a little more experience. And be aware of what is important.

… the question of whether he had ever relied too much on his talent: Rely on talent? Not at all. And it certainly won’t be like that for the rest of my career. I just had a lot of fun, I’d call myself a street kicker. therefore, for a long time it was not clear whether I just wanted to have fun or be successful, and whether I was developing the necessary effectiveness.For example, my defensive behavior must have developed first. But I’d say it quite broadly: way: it took me a little longer to internalize the professionalism. ”

I can be offensive in any position.

… its role in the SC as a ten or a suspension point: “During the interviews it quickly became clear that I saw myself best in these two positions – and also as a coach for me. It was a good fit too. There are also some alternate positions if the coach and the team need me there. I can play offensively in any position. Eight is also possible if necessary. I play there most of the time for the national team.

… the process of finding out which item is perfect for him: “For a long time it was not entirely clear where my best position was. In Wolfsburg, I trained as a junior for four years in the sixth round. third to six “So when I switched to Havelse, I decided for myself: I want to play offensively. Back then I was playing left, sometimes right, sometimes as a forward, sometimes as a 10th. In Wiesbaden then I was playing second to Manuel Schäffler, which worked very well. In St. Pauli it was clear that ten on the diamond system was the best position for me. This became more and more apparent over the two years.

… reasons why he was still training on the sixth: “I was always able to run a lot, I was very involved and I wanted the ball. It doesn’t matter if I get it from a teammate or an opponent. I did not ask why the coaches made me in the sixth. I was just happy on the pitch. It was fine with me. The main reason was probably my running strength, and my technique was of course also good as a connective athlete. But for me personally, it’s always been that I wanted to show my technical sophistication that it works, then it’s better to go on the offensive, so at one point I said: This is my place, I also developed a fun scoring goal over time. .. ”

… approaches to further development that emerged from an interview with the trainer: “There is no place where my potential has already been exhausted. But it is more specifically about the number of intense sprints, so again a more concrete condition in the Bundesliga. And in general, it’s all about the body: play solid, play wisely ”. Your body between the ball and your opponent at the right moment to stay steady. The coach made it clear to me that these would be decisive aspects in adjusting to the Bundesliga. I’m looking forward to it, I am willing and convinced to realize my potential. ”

… World Cup in Qatar: Of course, I’m looking forward to it. I hope to be able to develop further here in Freiburg. Then I hope to offer national team coach Otto Addo the best possible option. I wasn’t expecting a call from Charles at the time. Akonnor in September 2021 It was a relative surprise. Two seasons in St. Pauli and my development in general were probably decisive factors in my appointment. Then I was able to do well in the World Cup qualifiers and never missed a single course again. ”

… his personal goals at SC: “For me, development is a priority. I’m glad to be here and definitely not just for fun. possible way. ”

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