“Mobilcom-debitel”: this week is over

freenet AG has long been behind the mobilcom-debitel brand. In February, it announced that it would consolidate its brand portfolio. Objective: He wants to strengthen his umbrella brand “freenet” and increase awareness. Therefore, the main brand mobilcom-debitel will be called freenet in the future. The name mobilcom-debitel disappears completely. With this step, Freenet aims to “become an even more visible supplier of digital lifestyle for private customers in the future.” After a supplier based in Büdelsdorf near Hamburg has been working on rebranding in the past few months, it’s time this week. July 13 is the end of mobilcom-debitel.

freenet wants to improve the brand structure

Freenet AG has 7.2 million customers in the mobile telephony sector alone. But Freenet AG has long been offering more than just mobile phone contracts. In addition to products from the mobile telephony sector, Freenet AG also offers Internet, TV entertainment, digital services and related equipment. Gravis is also part of the freenet group, as is Media Broadcast, which operates TV broadcasts and the DVB-T Freenet TV service. The group of companies also includes the waipu.tv streaming service. The service even supplies O2’s competitors.

In fact, only one thing will change for you as a customer: the name of your mobile operator. Instead of mobilcom-debitel, it will be called freenet in the future. For example, the name of the company that appears on your bank statement after you debit it will also change. Stores that previously had the mobilcom-debitel logo will also receive the new Freenet logo.

What is changing in the online customer account? Small! Because instead of “My md” in the future it will just be renamed “My Account”. However, your access data will remain unchanged. The Mein Md app, the mobilcom-debitel customer service app, will also be retained. But she also gets a new name. You don’t need to install a new app – but you should update an existing app. It will then receive a new name and all other relevant changes.

Nothing will change as a result of a name change in your contract with mobilcom-debitel. Your SIM card, your terms and conditions and other general conditions remain completely unchanged. Of course, your mobile number won’t change either. At the same time, the change of the brand does not affect the possibility of early termination of the contract.

What is rebranding?

For this, mobilcom-debitel is mainly expressed with PR phrases. mobilcom-debitel “has always advocated adapted mobile phone tariffs on all networks at really good prices”. We want to be more than just a mobile phone contract. ” They want to accompany their customers in their “digital life and make their daily life as easy as possible”. Conclusion: “That’s why you have been using the best mobile communication, internet and TV entertainment since July. All of this under the name Freenet.

According to the company, the Freenet brand was already 90 percent aware in February. Along with the names Components mobilcom and debitel, two brands that have repeatedly caused negative headlines in recent years are also disappearing. The Telekom’s advertising campaign with Manfred Krug in the late 1990s was particularly influential here, and it even referred to a “mogelcom”.

The Freenet logo remains unchanged. Nobody believes that customers or prospects will lose touch with the supplier after the switch. In general, the appearance of the freenet and mobilcom-debitel brands is already similar and is moving in the same color scheme. However, the new logo and new name will not change anything in contracts and tariffs.

“End consumers already associate mobilcom-debitel with the color green,” says Freenet. This color still plays a major role in advertising, but the dark blue shade will be more present on Freenet in the future.

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