Piccolo Youth Club was in the final of the “31. Federal Meeting of Youth Clubs in Theaters ”Weimar

Stolpern is a theater education project by Schaubühne Berlin and the Piccolo Theater, which deals with racism and discrimination as well as the relationship between the past and the present. Starting with the obstacles in Berlin and Cottbus – and dealing with the biographies they refer to, not only a common history is negotiated, but also the shared responsibility of the inhabitants of both cities. Picture: Michał Helbig

Cottbus (MB). Piccolo Youth Club has a “stumble” on “31”. National Meeting of Youth Clubs in Theaters ”to Weimar. After the PiccoKids1 group for “8. German Children’s Theater Festival ”was invited to Lübeck, Piccolo Jugendklub also received an award. The group was included in the final selection of “31. Federal Meeting of Youth Clubs in Theaters ”, which will be held from 2 to 7 October 2022 at the German National Theater Weimar (DNT) and at the Stellwerk – Junges Theater in Weimar. The festival of youth theaters, established in 1990 at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, aims to highlight the diversity and scope of methods of work of youth clubs in theaters, provide aesthetic and substantive impulses, and confront new theater forms. At the same time, exchanges between actors and directors should be promoted and young people should be encouraged to engage in theater in a fun and competent way. Organized by the Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik eV (BuT), it takes place in a different federal state every year. The organizers of the 31st edition of the National Meeting of Youth Clubs in Theaters are DNT Weimar and Stellwerk – Junges Theater weimar under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth and the Mayor of Weimar Peter Kleine. This year’s festival is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, the State Chancellery of Thuringia, Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen, Sparkasse Mittelthüringen, the German Theater Association and the Friends and Sponsors of the German National Theater and Staatskapelle Weimar eV

The performance “stolpern” is a theater education project of Schaubühne Berlin and the Piccolo Theater. The directors are Mai-An Nguyen and Matthias Heine. What Happens When I Trip? Either you stand on your feet or you fall … There are stumbling blocks in front of many houses in German cities. They refer to the countless, tragic fates of people deported during the Nazi regime of injustice and call for the commemoration of this chapter of German history which, despite its allegedly exemplary culture of remembrance, seems to be increasingly forgotten. A group of young people from Berlin and Cottbus grapple with a gift from right-wing nationalist parties, society appears to be more fragmented than it has been for a long time, and the so-called protest movements chanting popular ideas through downtown – and ask yourselves: And how do you deal with the persecution, deportation and murder of various groups that are still marginalized today with knowledge? How to get this knowledge? What to counteract the social shift to the right? Most of all: how to take a firm stand against racism and discrimination – today and in the future? On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Klocków” project, not only a common history will be negotiated, but also the joint responsibility of the inhabitants of both cities based on the obstacles in Berlin and Cottbus – and in dealing with the biographies to refer to. Funded by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation (EVZ) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMO). The project of the Educational Agenda of NS-Injustice.

They play: Lapo Biasutti, Courtney Bischoff, Mate Böckenhauer, Bianca Ehrlichcke, Anne Fiedler, Lennard Gantzer, Jan Heider, Florian Jähne, Pola Juniewicz, Leonhard Lorenz, Zuzanna Pacholska, Norah Scharnholz, Magdalena Selka Takmukal, Temel Strumelula and Jicker Strumel ve

Scene: Ulla Willis.

Costumes: Vanessa Sampaio Borgman

Choreography: Parejo Zaidy Ballestero

Dramaturgy: Marcus Peter Tesch

Light: Sven Mühlbach and Konstantin Walter

Artistic collaboration: Aaron Aschenbach, Jule Fuchs and Carolin Schaefer

In Cottbus, the show “stolpern” will be available again on August 25, 26 and 27, 2022 at 19.30 at the Piccolo Theater.

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