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Shenzhen, China, July 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The 8th Shenzhen World Entrepreneurs Convention and the Guangming Science City Conference began on July 5, bringing together academics and business leaders from around the world in a city in southern China. They were asked to share their views on how Guangming Science City can lead the innovation industry, research industry, healthcare and the digital economy into the future.

Fan of JianpingAcademician from the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and head of the Institute of Advanced Technologies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenzhen said in his inaugural speech that the city of Guangming Science City, with equal support from government and business, is on track to become an innovation hub with large scientific institutions, research institutes, universities and industrial parks.

To turn scientific discoveries into industrial innovation, Guangming Science City has found a way to connect science with the marketplace. It will be expanded with a platform where the innovation track can be integrated with the industrial track. As the first company of this type, it is a pioneer in this model of combining innovation and business in one complex. This model helps to transfer the latest discoveries from laboratories directly to startups, where their market attractiveness and mass production potential can be tested. In addition, scientists can be quickly informed when something needs to be changed; This significantly shortens the marketing cycle and speeds up the science-based economy.

Guangming Science City, located in the northern part Shenzhen, is being developed into a comprehensive national science center. The city of science covers an area of ​​99 square kilometers and will be home to nine central science and technology institutions, 10 research institutes, two provincial central laboratories and two research universities. More than 3,000 of the best scientists currently work in 150 innovation teams and over 20 research-led groups in the city.

We will seize the opportunities for scientific and technological innovation, ”said Shang Yuanfang, president of Shenzhen Cellbri Bio-Innovation Technology Company. Shang talked about how intelligent production strengthens synthetic biology. Since its inception in February 2020 is Cellbri is a leading biotechnology company in Chinawhich specializes in the production of devices for cell and gene therapy.

Cellbri is one of the many companies that have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by Guangming Science City. During the Guangming Investment Promotion Conference which started in the Guangming District sixth. In July, more than 200 Chinese companies signed 40 contracts worth more than 60 billion yuan. Contracts include biopharmaceuticals, new materials, smart manufacturing, new energies, scientific community development, and financial services.

There are over 78,000 enterprises in the Guangming District. Among them are competing industrial clusters for UHD displays, new materials and smart sensors, among which the leaders are China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), BTR New Material Group and Sunwoda, a battery producer. The district is working on building a center for true innovation to build a science-based economy and attract innovation around the world. In recent years, the number of companies has grown on average by 15.7 percent per year, making the district one of the busiest and most promising areas in Shenzhen.

Due to the cluster effect, enterprises from the higher ranks of the production chain were attracted to the poviat. An example is Hengmei Optoelectronic Corporation (HMO), which undertook to settle in this district during the conference. HMO, which specializes in the development, production and sale of polarizing filters, functional optical films and optical compensation films, is one of the CSOT suppliers. The company plans to move to the CSOT industrial park to build next-generation panels, confirms HMO CEO Tan Zhimin. Guangming is currently witnessing a cluster effect in the production of UHD displays. It offers a favorable industry policy that helps companies reduce costs. That is why we are optimistic about the future of the district.

Another signatory, Top Precision Engineering (TPE), has attracted Guangming’s appeal to talent worldwide. Foshan-based machine parts manufacturer was founded in 2012 and plans to move its R&D department to the district to build co-bots and develop human-machine interaction technologies. Guangming Science City is progressing in promoting innovation, research and development, attracting talent, promoting growth and supporting policies, said TPE deputy general manager, Wang Yangi. Guangming has a remarkable ecological environment and provides a platform for our company to attract more talent, ”he added.

Guangming will implement a series of policies that will promote the development of its main industries. Emphasis will be placed on the inclusion of outstanding companies in the production chain, thus commercializing important scientific innovations, providing professional platforms for public services, promoting innovative start-ups and creating a good climate for technology companies. Government support measures are also being implemented accordingly.

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